Dr. Sarah Parcak is a modern day Indian Jones, a space archeologist! Well, technically an archeologist, Egyptologist, and remote sensory expert and the founding Director of the Laboratory for Global Observation at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She recently made and appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and I became her biggest fan. Her enthusiasm and passion for what she does is completely engaging and get’s you pumped for discovering pieces of our history, which according to Parcak, are countless. Also, the fact that she discovered The Lost City Of Tanis from space, blows my mind!

Parcak is the recipient of the 2016 TED prize of $1 million dollars. Check out this Wired article for more information on what she does and how she’s going to use her prize money. It’s brilliant and I feel enthusiastic that I can actually use that word and mean it.

Not only is she an incredible role model for girls who dream of being a scientists, but for all of us! Wouldn’t it be nice if we were all as inspired and joyful, when it came to the work we do.

Here is her TED Talk about her journey to becoming a space archeologist:

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