Welcome back to the latest segment here on GGA, Soundtrack Saturday! Every Saturday, we generate playlists for you inspired by our favorite characters from books, movies, podcasts or TV.

This weeks playlist is inspired by a character from the award winning podcast, The Bright Sessions, drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrum-roll, please? Sam Barnes! Sam (voiced by the show’s creator Lauren Shippen) is a character we meet in the show’s very first episode. She sees the mysterious Dr. Bright (Julia Morizawa) for her panic attacks and her little issue of involuntarily time travel.

Despite making small progress with her therapy in the first season, Sam soon became a fan favorite as her confidence grew and she started using her ability to infiltrate a shady government organization on behalf of Dr. Bright. Isn’t the idea of an anxious spy so refreshing? We stan. 


Anyway, let’s get to it! Welcome to Sam’s inspired playlist I’ve decided to call Sam Barnes’ Time Travel Tunes. A mixtape of pop, indie folk and alternative rock that’s perfect to put on during your next journey through time. Enjoy!


Sprained Ankle by Julien Baker

Fools by Lauren Aquilina


Fight for Me from Heathers: The Musical 

Runaway by The National

I Wanna Get Better by Bleachers

Kiss With A Fist by Florence + The Machine

New Perspective by Panic! At The Disco

Grow as We Go by Ben Platt

Well Dressed by Hop Along

Alewife by Clairo

Go! by M83 feat. Mai Lan

Combat Baby by Metric

Scott Pilgrim by Plumtree

Locket by Crumb

Breathe by Michelle Branch

What was your favorite song on this list? Was there one we should’ve included? Let us know! Catch up with Sam on The Bright Sessions where ever you get your podcasts, including Spotify, Stitcher and iHeart Radio.



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