Welcome back, music lovers! It’s the weekend and you know what that means. It’s time for Soundtrack Saturday! Time to get groovy with a playlist made just for you inspired by our favorite characters in pop culture.

This week’s Soundtrack Saturday is dedicated to The Terror: Infamy’s Amy Yoshida! Amy (Miki Ishikawa) and her family are close friends of the Nakayama’s on Terminal Island. Like main character Chester Nakayama (Derek Mio), she sees herself as more American than Japanese at the beginning of the series.

But as The Terror: Infamy’s narrative progresses, Amy’s patriotism is tested as she is forced into an internment camp, forced to watch friends die and is faced with increasing injustice from the government and those who wield its authority. Amy’s imprisonment forces her to act often finding herself caught between doing what she’s told and doing what’s right.

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Miki Ishikawa as Amy Yoshida in The Terror: Infamy

Miki Ishikawa as Amy Yoshida – The Terror _ Season 2, Gallery – Photo Credit: Maxine Helfman/AMC

Let’s get to the mix! Called Amy Yoshida’s Infamous Playlist (heh, see what I did there?) it’s the perfect mix to throw on at work or when you’re evading your local Yūrei. Enjoy!

Dancing With Your Ghost by Sasha Sloan

Tragic Love by Alfie Templeman

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Shadows by Mac Ayres

Candid by Kllo

Bite My Tongue by The Academic

Never Know Me by AOE

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ARAWA by Electric Youth

heaven come by GOLDN

Follow Me by The Shacks

Oh Wonder by Heavy

Men I Trust by Lauren 

Flames by Chastity 

Nobody by Miraa May

Easy Way Out by LEISURE 


How did you feel about our Amy Yoshida’s Infamous Playlist? Was there another song we should have included? Let us know!

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