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What’s a better combination than two horror auteurs writing a comic book? Them writing a comic book story that involves demons, disease and a hero with no powers who just wants to do what’s right in an unforgiving, dystopian desert.

That’s what we’re getting from Marvel in September. The Soska Sisters, a.k.a. The Twisted Twins, creators of such horror films as Dead Hooker In A Trunk, American Mary, See No Evil 2, and the up-coming Vendetta, are making their comic writing debut with a story in Secret Wars Journal #5. The Marvel solicitations for September describe their story as “a twisted tale of demonic disease! Fortunately for the savaged citizens of the Wasteland, NIGHT NURSE is on duty!”

Quick background.

The Marvel Multiverse has collapsed, with elements of all the realities smashed together into one gigantic reality called “Battleworld.” (This event is taking place in the current comic being written by Jonathan Hickman called Secret Wars and it is truly bonkers). One of the realities there is called the Wasteland. It’s based on the comic by Mark Millar from a few years ago called Old Man Logan, an alternate reality story about Wolverine where the heroes lost the last great fight and the world is now a barren wasteland of depravity — similar in vain to Mad Max. It’s an amazing read with a super terrible twist, especially for anyone that loves Wolverine.


The last time you saw Night Nurse was in the Netflix Series, Daredevil, where she was brilliantly played by Rosario Dawson. We’ve also seen Night Nurse in Doctor Strange: The Oath, where she fought along side the Sorcerer Supreme — proving to us that she’s the perfect candidate to fight a “demonic disease.”

Throwing the Soska Sisters into this world to write for a character like the Night Nurse, who’s only desire is to use whatever human talents she has to save people in a world filled with super powers, is genius. She’s a small character, with no powers, fighting in a world of monsters. It’s the very definition of a horror story, especially if the disease is “demonic” in nature.

Even better, as we learned in Geek Girl Authority’s Five Questions series, Jen Soska is a gigantic fan of Marvel comics! As she said, “I’d want to live in the Marvel Universe. I wasn’t uber popular growing up, so those guys were really like friends to me.” Sylvia also went on to admit that her favorite superhero is Deadpool, saying that he is, the personification of the internet which means the character can shoot on so many different cylinders at once because of the chaotic mashup that is his psyche.” 

So, it sounds like they get it.

The comic will be released in September, with art by Alec Morgan and Diogo Saito and a cover brilliantly drawn by Vanesa Del Rey.

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