Horror fans rejoiced this morning with the release of a new trailer for Pet Sematary and oh boy, does it look intense. Based on the book by Stephen King, the trailer shows us Dr. Louis Creed (Jason Clarke), his wife Rachel (Amy Seimetz) and their two children moving from bustling Boston to cozy Maine. Things quickly go down hill when the family discovers a mysterious part of the woods that comes with a warning from their new neighbor, Jud (Jon Lithgow). But when tragedy strikes within the family Louis ignores this critical warning. 

Now, if you’re a fan of Mary Lambert’s 1989 adaption, then you may notice some changes in this new trailer. The most obvious is that instead of toddler Gage (Hugo Lavoie) being killed in an accident we see his big sister Ellie (Jeté Laurence) dying. They pulled an old fashioned switcheroo on us! This results in her dad burying her in the cursed Pet Sematary and her being resurrected. But she doesn’t come back quite the same. Fans, including myself, are on the fence about the plot twist. After all, “Sometimes dead is better…they don’t come back the same.” Have the directors been hinting at the major change the whole time? 

We also got a new poster for the film today. It’s gorgeous! We clearly see the major players of the movie: the Pet Sematary itself, the Creed family, Jud, the truck that probably killed Ellie, and some very strange children in even stranger looking masks. They are all tucked neatly in the outline of the Creed’s cat Winston Churchill (Church for short). The way the trailer is put together and the way the poster looks makes it seem like Church is the mastermind behind all the evil that is taking place. Maybe he is? Who knows! Check out the poster and trailer below!

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Dr. Louis Creed and his wife, Rachel, relocate from Boston to rural Maine with their two young children. The couple soon discover a mysterious burial ground hidden deep in the woods near their new home. When tragedy strikes, Louis turns to his neighbor Jud Crandall, setting off a perilous chain reaction that unleashes an unspeakable evil with horrific consequences.

Pet Sematary will be rising from the dead and debuting April 5th! 



Fallon Marie Gannon