In case you missed it, Sombra entered Overwatch live game yesterday to the delight of some and the frustration of every single competitive player trying for that one last push before the end of the season.  However, since the leak a few months back and especially after the BlizzCon reveal, fan art of the character has exploded all over the internet.

The character designs are as varied and multicultural as the heroes that inhabit the game world.  Sombra, the 23rd playable character to enter the fray, is no exception drawing heavily on the cyberpunk aesthetic made popular in the late 80s/early 90s.  However, she is Mexican and Dia de los Muertos is also featured in her design.  Complete with neon colors, technological enhancements, Sombra is a computer genius cyborg that compares to no one.  With her signature smirk she can shut down ultimates, cripple support characters, and turn the tide of battle if she isn’t flanking the enemy team.

The below features artists from around the world and while everything, at least on this list, is digital the work encompasses different styles and some different takes on Sombra.  Of course there are quite a few that feature her in the classic design, but others focus on her different skins, and some even break from that and put her in more regular clothes.

Sombra has only been officially in the game for 24 hours, and officially revealed for a little over a week, and the amount of fan art will only grow.

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