Your favorite, very normal Shlorpians will return for Season 4. We learned from Hulu that Solar Opposites not only has a premiere date for its fourth go-round, but the series has recast Korvo and has a first-look clip for us. It’s like Christmas morning (or the Shlorpian equivalent). 

Here’s a synopsis for Season 4 per Deadline

“In Season 4, the show pack ups the sci-fi and gets normal … for a second. Then, it’s back to classic Solar chaos, mayhem in the Wall and some all-new Silvercops adventures.”

So, you might be wondering, who’s replacing Justin Roiland? None other than Dan Stevens. Now, hear me out. It works and fits perfectly with the chaotic nature of the show. The writers do an excellent job explaining why Korvo’s voice is different in their trademark creative, bluntly hilarious style. It’s the solar opposite of what you’d expect (Get it?). Plus, you can explain anything away with sci-fi on your side. 

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In the clip, Terry (Thomas Middleditch) reveals he bought the dartboard from Cheers on eBay for only $100,000. Jesse (Mary Mack) reminds him that Korvo issued a “No Metal-Throwing” rule after Terry lodged a butterknife in Korvo’s eye. After launching a dart into Korvo’s vocal cords, Terry orders Yumyulack (Sean Giambrone) to fetch the Voice-Fixing Ray. 

However, after blasting Korvo with the device, the group notices Korvo’s voice isn’t just fixed … it’s altered entirely. He sounds British! Yumyulack considers a second blasting, but Terry urges him to refrain. Korvy’s making Terry all hot and weird. 

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Then, Stevens narrates the opening credits. Once the quartet-plus-The Pupa stands in front of their house, Korvo reveals this is his new voice. Oh, and the flashbacks will also boast this particular voice. If you don’t like it, then tough sh*t. 

Solar Opposites will air 11 new episodes, with a Valentine’s Day special in 2024. The animated sci-fi comedy has also been renewed for a fifth season. The series stars Dan Stevens, Thomas Middleditch, Mary Mack and Sean Giambrone. Mike McMahan and Josh Bycel serve as executive producers. 

Check out the first clip below. Prepare for more sci-fi shenanigans when Solar Opposites Season 4 crash-lands onto Hulu on Monday, August 14, 2023. 

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