If you weren’t able to travel into the path of totality with Hipcamp, or if you weren’t able to get your hands on a pair of eclipse sunglasses, you can still view the glory of today’s full solar eclipse. This is the perfect way to view the eclipse, even if you don’t live in the small stretch of totality through the center of the United States.

Below, catch NASA’s coverage on their public tv and learn something along the way. NASA does have a live raw feed channel, here, but it does keep crashing. Too many eclipsers trying to get a look! But watch the one below for some stunning live images of the eclipse and, let’s all watch together from the safety of our own computers, no glasses needed! The total eclipse will track from the west coast to the east coast with partial eclipses fanning out across the country. NASA has a Gulf Stream III airplane and more, including weather balloons, in flight to catch coverage, which they will discuss on their guided live coverage on their public channel below.

Since this coverage will follow the eclipse, you could catch the eclipse on one side of the US and then make your own pinhole projector (instruction video below) to view the eclipse as it passes by you. However you choose to watch the eclipse, we won’t judge! Just be safe!

NASA TV – Click here to watch NASA’s live eclipse feed! It’s fantastic!


How to make a Pinhole Projector:

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