You should know that non GamStop casino games are not developed by video game companies that develop ordinary video games. They are developed by software developers specializing in casino games only. Some examples include Microgaming, NetEnt, and many others.

These brands can be seen at all reputable gambling portals these days due to massive popularity. They also implemented responsible gaming features into their designs. Let’s see them.

Responsible Gambling Techniques Used in Development

It is important to promote responsible gambling in order to protect players and make this activity safer and more appealing. All casinos have a dedicated page for this purpose only. But, software developers are doing their job as well. There are 3 options players can use these days.

Self-Exclusion Services

These are the most common and the most appealing to use. The best example is GamStop offered to UK players. What it does is limits access to the majority of casino games for some time. The duration of the self-exclusion is chosen by the user. Software developers support this option.

As a gambler, you will create the account and you will select the duration of the exclusion period. It can be anywhere between 6 months or up to 5 years. After that, playing casino games will become impossible, for the duration of self-exclusion. However, you can always access any online casino not blocked by GamStop and play real money games at offshore operators. Once GamStop expires you can play games again at British operators.

Gaming Blockers

This option is considered the most extreme. Most software developers have been supporting it. The system works with the help of software. A user will install that software and activate it. After that, access to all gambling, betting, and also trading sites (some of them) will be completely eliminated. There is no expiration time frame here. The software will remain active as long as it is used. The only way to stop it is to delete the ban and you can play again.

The software of this kind is commonly used for parental control options. Parents can limit access to gambling sites and casino games and make it safe for their children to browse the web. It is important to add that a person cannot remove the software without a password and even more advanced requirements.

Cooling Off Period

This is a softer version of the aforementioned option. In a nutshell, a player is given a specific period of time during which he should not play casino games. If he is successful, he will complete the task and be able to play games once again. The duration will vary but it is generally around 14 days.

Detection of Possible Compulsive Behavior

Software developers also work with various platforms in order to detect compulsive behaviour which suggests that a gambler is suffering from gambling addiction. This is done so the first action can be started as quickly as possible and to end the addiction in no time. There are signs that companies will use in order to detect it.

The most common symptom is having to gamble on a daily basis as much as possible. This is also the first and it shows a massive issue that must be sorted out as quickly as possible. The second symptom is the fact a player must use more money to get the same positive effect. The third is that a player will try to stop gambling but without any success.

There are other symptoms as well. For instance, players will act nervous and annoyed when they are unable to gamble. Most will loan money so they can gamble even more. An interesting fact is that some will even steal money so they can gamble, but this is a rare issue and it affects only gamblers with severe gambling addiction.

Once one or multiple symptoms are detected here, the action is needed. In that case scenario, one of the methods mentioned at the beginning should be used. A gambler may use all of them and a few others.


Gambling addiction is a severe issue and all companies in the gambling industry are working hard to prevent them and make this task more pleasant and safer as well. This especially affects software developers and online casinos where gamblers play some of the best casino games. Software developers are also known to implement new technologies for the same purpose.

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