“My name is Asha; I come from New Eden.”

On Tuesday, TNT released an official trailer for Season Three of Snowpiercer, and, folks, it appears we’re in for a bumpy ride aboard the Engine Eternal. 

Firstly, the trailer introduces us to Asha, Archie Panjabi‘s character. Asha goes into “survivalist mode,” and the woman who thought she was “the last person on Earth” appears to not react well to encountering other survivors. We find out she hails from “New Eden.” The video shows us glimpses of what looks like paradise.

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Layton (Daveed Diggs) and his ragtag crew embark on a journey to “New Eden” amid their quest to prove the Earth is warming. Meanwhile, Wilford (Sean Bean) rules Snowpiercer/Big Alice with an iron fist, seemingly reigning down hellfire on the passengers without Layton to keep him in check.

Of course, the trailer only reveals old footage of Melanie (Jennifer Connelly), steadfastly continuing the illusion of her death. However, she might be, and maybe her appearances in Season Three are reduced to never-before-seen flashbacks. 

Perhaps the most surprising development, at least for me, is the return of Javier (Roberto Urbina). His death seemed more solidified than Melanie’s potential passing, notably because Alex (Rowan Blanchard) witnessed his brutal mauling by Wilford’s dog firsthand.

I suppose the age-old TV rule regarding death applies for Melanie and Javier: if it’s not shown onscreen, it didn’t happen. Javier is one of my favorite characters, so this makes me giddy to no end.

By the trailer’s end, it looks like Team Layton and Team Wilford prepare for an all-out, full-fledged battle, and, hopefully, Wilford finally meets his demise. 

Snowpiercer returns for Season Three on Monday, January 24, 2022, on TNT.

You can take a peek at the trailer below. Be sure to read our recaps for a refresher!

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