Wow.  I literally, truly and heartily laughed out loud at SNL’s Totinos with Kristen Stewart digital short.

I am a hardcore football fan.  I’ll admit to playing fantasy football.  I’ll admit to watching every week.  It’s true that I have, on occasion, let football ruin my day.  I know it’s not always popular in geekdom, but that’s who I am.  I live in the worlds of jock and geek simultaneously.

As a woman who has had a life-long love and understanding of all things football, I am consistently and deeply offended by the unrelenting portrayal of women as ignorant, nagging or complacent when it comes to football.

Well, SNL just gave me something to cheer about.  Turning those conventions on their heads, Totinos with Kristen Stewart combines the stereotype of a woman only caring about feeding ‘her hungry guys’ with a patriarchy shattering relationship, a nod to french existentialism and the funniest mash up of points of view you’re going to see all weekend. I LMFAO in a real way.  Take a look.

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