Aziz Ansari hosted SNL last night, and it produced one of my favorite sketches this season.  La La Land Interrogation gets straight to the crux of award season debate.  Was La La Land great or just fine?  Opinions are strong.

SNL took it to the next level.  They made it the law.  Beck Bennett and Cecily Strong play two detectives out to protect the world from the likes of people like Ansari’s character, who don’t love the movie like they do.  Strong is HILARIOUS in this one.  I couldn’t stop laughing at her tough as nails cinefile cop.

The writing is spot on.  They perfectly hit on every argument for and against the greatness of La La Land with hilarious intensity.  There’s even a nice little jab in there regarding Moonlight that I won’t give away.  But, it’s awesome.  And, this sketch, like so few of SNL’s sketches, ends well with a funny little button.

Watch.  Enjoy.  Choose sides.

Jenny Flack
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