This Saturday was by far the best episode of SNL’s season so far. Of course hosted by Martin Freeman and featured a one of the best sketch idea’s by combining The Hobbit and The Office which obviously we at Geek Girl Authority loved!

But also this week,  Cecily Strong delivered a biting commentary on how females are represented in male driven comedies and it was right on point. I was actually just having this conversation myself on why it is in all of these movies the women are always eating cheeseburgers and drinking crappy sodas and yet looking like they haven’t eaten in years? Are we just not seeing the binging afterwards or all the other days that they are working out for hours and snacking on cigarettes? I just don’t understand!

Rachel Paige over at had this to say “Think of all the male-driven movies where the guy is this complicated person with interests and passions and a family, and the woman is like super hot and bland and filled with boring platitudes and absolutely zero defining features (aside from all those weird male fantasy features — like being a 100 lb., washboard ab, wing aficionado)”

Yes, yes , yes!

I personally feel that the women on SNL are incredibly funny, diverse and strong and their potential is that of the era of Molly Shannon, Ana Gastayer, Cheri Oteri, Rachel Dratch and Maya Rudolph and I mean no offense but why are Colin Jost and Michael Che at the news desk this season? Cecily and Kate? Cecily and Sasheer?

My favorite line “I sleep in a jersey” killed me.

I give kudos to Ricky Gervais because if you haven’t seen Derek you should. He has written one of my favorite female characters in a long time played beautifully by Kerri Godliman. “Hannah” is such a wonderfully complex and funny character and is the lead female and the grounding character in the male driven comedy. I believe that that woman exists. That’s what we are. Complex human beings who are the lead characters in our own stories and we all look different, have different ideas and only eat cheeseburgers every once in a while.

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