Tiffany Haddish made history in her first appearance as host of SNL. It was an SNL first as well. Haddish was the first black female comic to host in the show’s 43 year history.  While that’s a sad and embarrassing statistic for the show, Haddish shone as she busted through that wall into a more inclusive future.  The Girls Trip star was hilarious, endearing, down to earth, committed and totally enthusiastic all night.

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Three things stood out in Haddish’s episode. Her monologue, a video and two sketches featuring Haddish were the strongest points in the show. Her monologue was honest, endearing and so funny.  

She was the funniest thing in an already funny and oddball SNL short (most likely NSFW) as a scientist observing unethical practices.  

Haddish and Kate McKinnon killed it as cat lovers in a Whiskers Are We sketch, staying committed despite plenty of off the rails cat antics.

And, in the best sketch of the night, Haddish plays Boo Boo Jeffries, the most unlikely fight game character.  It is truly laugh out loud funny.

Not bad for her first time as host, and not likely her last. Haddish will soon appear in All Between Us from director Jamie Jones

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