SHIELD Ghost Rider

Whoa. Now this is a tragic backstory…

According to this newest clip from Agents of SHIELD, Marvel’s long running show on ABC, Robbie Reyes (Gabriel Luna), before he became the Ghost Rider, was doing illegal street races with his Uncle Eli’s car. So, that sweet car that erupts into flames — that was originally his Uncle Eli’s car — the Uncle that was in prison and they broke him out but he’s now with that creepy ghost lady.

But, even worse and more tragic than that is that his brother, Gabe Reyes (Lorenzo James Henrie), was a straight-A student on track to get into a school like Stanford and wanted to stop his brother from a potentially deadly street race. Instead, Robbie convinced his brother to go race with him, to “live a little,” and that’s the race that ended tragically, with Reyes making a deal with the devil.

This particular episode of Agents of SHIELD, “The Good Samaritan,” is billed to give us much of the backstory for Robbie Reyes and his evolution into Ghost Rider. It airs tonight.

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