It is no lie that almost every online game has had its issues with toxicity in game and in the community. Most games work to combat this by giving players the ability to report other toxic players and block them in game. Hi-Rez has revamped their Goodwill System for SMITE, their extremely popular MOBA, for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, to help promote good sportsmanship by rewarding those showing it. While it seems like a no brainer, most games do not give players the ability in-game to up vote or give praise to those just being an all around good person.

The SMITE Commendation System will give players the opportunity to show praise for other players who are strong guides, show great teamwork, or are just really friendly! Players will gain points monthly from these praises or for playing with a 100% Goodwill score. These points can then be turned in for little prizes such as a team skin booster, triumphant champion chest, or a triumphant godlike chest. Hi-Rez has even revamped the End of Match lobby screen which will now allow you to praise good players, see who was top damage, top healing, and so much more.

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SMITE isn’t just rewarding players monthly for good behavior, but has some awesome rewards for those who can go a year without being banned! Those rewards include a Baron Samedi Skin, a Camaraderie Loading Frame, a Goodwill Jump Stamp, Baron Chibi Avatar, and Goodwill Global Emote. This will hopefully promote friendlier game play for fear of losing out on such awesome rewards. Aside from rewarding players for good behavior, they are working to better bring down the hammer on those who choose to add to the toxicity. Matches will be more closely monitored and if they find a player is taking away from positive game play, teammates will be prompted for more information when the match is over.

Players who choose to spam VGS (voice guided system) will have their ability to use it in game restricted. This will reduce the amount of times a player can use a command or require them to wait a certain amount of time in between before using it again. This to me is one of the best things they can be doing because no matter where you are, spamming a chat is terrible and no one should ever do it. SMITE is also working to save players from incorrectly being reported out of spite. Before players would automatically be reduced back down to 0% Goodwill, but now they will only lose a small percentage or if they are at 100% Goodwill they will have protection from a single instance report and lose nothing. Players who are competing in matches at 100% Goodwill will also get other rewards as well!


Julia Roth
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