Fans of the the popular MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) SMITE have something to be excited about today! Hi-Rez has announced that it is now available to play on the Nintendo Switch. This is the second of their games to be ported to the Switch, the first being their FPS (first person shooter) Paladins.  We were all wondering how long it was going to take Hi-Rez to port over Smite to the switch. Paladins was released last June and I am happy to say we only had to wait a few months. It will be interesting to see how well this game fairs on a smaller screen and on the go. The idea that some matches can run up to almost an hour makes me think it isn’t something many will play while in transit somewhere.

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The game is still in the beta stage and is only available to play by purchasing the founder’s pack here for $29.99. You also get a ton of other awesome perks with this as well. The founder’s pack, like always, will unlock every available god currently in play and every future god added into the game. King Arthur and the mage Merlin (not gods but awesome legends in their own right) are the latest additions being added to the game. They will also receive a special skin for Scylla and Loki along with 400 gems that can be used to buy more skins.

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Julia Roth
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