When I was a kid, I grew up in an apartment with wall-to-wall carpet. My father, a total neat freak, invested in one of those industrial-strength vacuum cleaners to make sure not one speck of dirt ever touched the bottoms of our feet. To me, as a kid, this multi-piece, multi-hosed vacuum had one purpose: to wake me up early in the morning. Because that was my dad’s routine… Breakfast, coffee, vacuum. I would jump out of the bed as the head of this metal beast with smack back-and-forth against my walls as my dad attempted to suck up the dirt in every crevice and corner. (This was why his right arm muscles were always bigger than his left)

Now I’m the dad. I’ve been, till this point, living in places with hardwood floors. But now I’m in a house…with carpet. Do I follow in my father‘s footsteps and have my kids get used to the fact they are going to wake up startled every morning? Or do I let the dirt and dust collect under our feet to a point that it feels like the ground is made out of frosted flakes?

I guess over the last few years I found a happy middle place. I’ve vacuumed, but not too often. I choose a time of day where nobody is really getting affected by it, other than the dog.…who doesn’t seem to be OK with it at anytime of the day.

But just like anything else, the use of an electronic product lead me to the Internet. I needed to explore current vacuum options and also see what’s to come in the near future. And man, what I found really doesn’t suck!

Right now there is plenty of brand-spanking new vacuum technology out there. For your standard models, the days of the “vacuum dirt bag,” are gone. Almost all options allow you to simply pull out the belly of the beast and dump out it’s dirty insides. And of course, you can now buy those little flying saucer automatic vacuums that patrol your house all day and torture your cats.


But, according to multiple future-tech sites, vacuum manufacturers aren’t stopping anytime soon. There are plenty of amazing features coming to our cleaning future.


One perk of these upcoming automated vacuums will be scheduling. No longer will you need your vacuum on a 24/7 patrol of each speck of dirt. You’ll be able to program the silent beast to attack at any time of the day you choose. Your pets and kids won’t have to live in constant fear and stress if you program your guy to be cleaning in the middle of the night, while they sleep soundly. Plus, you’ll be using a lot less battery power since the times will be designated.


Speaking of Battery…

…Soon, vacuum cleaners will be solar powered. Just drop your little guy outside for a while and he’s ready to roll. Obviously, this will save in energy bills and battery purchases.

Smart Sucking

Just like all pieces of current technology, taking your vacuum to the next level means it’s about to get a whole lot smarter. We’re talking music playing, understanding the times of day more messes are made, even programming the little guy to follow a specific kid around who excels in crumb dropping.

So what does this mean for me? Well, without a loud giant bumping up and down the floors and walls, I won’t have to worry about the kids being traumatized early in the morning (or day) like I did. Most importantly, I won’t have to worry about what’s under my feet either (other than the occasional jagged Lego). And depending on how smart my future vacuum will be…maybe I could have it call my dad early in the morning to get some much overdue revenge.



featured image from YouTube