Have you ever wanted to hear a classically trained Shakespearean actor read Shakespeare without breaking the bank? Now’s your chance! During the duration of the globally recommended self-isolation or quarantine period due to the Coronavirus, Patrick Stewart, famously known for his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Picard, has taken it upon himself to read Shakespeare’s sonnets from 1 to whenever this isolation ends.

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What began as a random reading of Sonnet 116 on March 21st has led to a daily devotional of Shakespeare on Instagram. So far, Sir Patrick Stewart has read Sonnets 1 through 4 and Sonnet 6, in addition to Sonnet 116, which kicked off this entire ordeal.

According to the expressive and frank man himself, Sonnet 5 is a bit too much for the classically trained actor to understand and do justice. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t give his all, though. Sir Patrick Stewart delivers the emotions and inflection required behind the written words.

For those worried there won’t be enough material if this self-quarantine lasts months, Shakespeare had a collection of over 150 sonnets, which means there are enough daily poems to last more than 4 months at Sir Patrick Stewart’s sonnet a day pace.

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Whether you are an avid Shakespearean fan, a Patrick Stewart fan, or an educator looking for a proper relay of Shakespeare’s words, Sir Patrick Stewart has you covered. Watch below for the sonnet that began this project, Sonnet 116, or click on over to Instagram to catch all of the sonnets to date! If you happen to miss one, you can catch them via Patrick Stewart’s Instagram page or search #ASonnetADay for more.



Originally published on March 26, 2020.



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