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Bryan Singer took to his instragram tonight to announce that they have found their Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler in young actor Kodi Smit McPhee. You may remember him from such films as Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Let Me In..

Excited to welcome @kodismitmcphee to the cast of #XmenApocalypse as young #Nightcrawler. @alexvaughanphoto

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This is news
A. Because we’ve got yet another young face to add to the cast of the much anticipated follow up to Days of Future Past and
B. BECAUSE NOW WE KNOW THAT THEY’RE EVEN LOOKING FOR A NIGHTCRAWLER! We didn’t even know they were looking for the furry elf of a mutant who can instantaneously transport to pretty much wherever, let alone that they’d already found anybody.

Does this mean that they’re looking for anyone else to join the ranks of the X-Men that we aren’t expecting?

The last time you saw the character of Nightcrawler was in X-2, the X-Men sequel that came before the Brett Ratner atrocity that shall remain unnamed by this website for fear of incurring any ancient and evil curses most likely attached to it.

If you’d like to watch it again (believe me, you do), it’s embedded below and is one of the greatest scenes in any superhero movie ever.

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