This year has not been kind to the entertainment industry, particularly the global box office. Now, it appears the Coronavirus pandemic’s effects will be felt into 2021. According to DeadlineSimon Kinberg‘s femme thriller The 355 will be delayed beyond its initial Martin Luther King Jr. weekend release date. 

Now, the decision comes mainly from Universal Pictures’ international partners. While Universal has released a slew of properties throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, said international partners would feel more at ease with a “full-bodied global launch.” The hope here is that The 355 will be a blockbuster spy franchise akin to The Bourne Identity. It’s no surprise that domestic and global box office numbers alike have suffered tremendously amid the pandemic. Only 50 percent of theaters in the United States are open. The year is almost to a close and, with COVID-19 cases on the rise and a vaccine in process, it’s unlikely the landscape will change much between now and January. 

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The 355 dropped an action-packed trailer in October. It stars Jessica ChastainLupita Nyong’oDiane KrugerFan BingbingPenélope CruzÉdgar Ramirez and Sebastian Stan. The story follows a CIA agent (Chastain) as she teams up with international agents to recover a top-secret weapon from falling into the wrong hands. The title is derived from Agent 355, an unidentified female spy for the patriots during the American Revolution. 

Kinberg’s thriller will be competing with Scream and Warner Bros./MGM’s Sesame Street film in its new spot. 

I think The 355 should take a page out of Wonder Woman 1984‘s book. Patty Jenkin‘s DC juggernaut is having a dual release in select theaters and on HBO Max for Christmas Day. Instead of making folks wait even longer, especially after releasing a full-length trailer, why not try the simultaneous theater/streamer debut on for size? 

The 355 will soar into theaters Friday, January 14, 2022. 

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