A group of high school students recently adapted the sci-fi horror classic, Alien into a stage play. And, for their encore performance on Alien Day (April 26th: inspired by LV-426) Ripley showed up to support. Sigourney Weaver herself came to North Bergen High School in North Bergen, NJ to say hi and see the show. Amazing. 

These kids must have put on a hell of a show. Ridley Scott praised the original production, and his production company gave the school $5,000 to put up an encore performance for Alien Day. Weaver was there to witness the encore, and address the crowd. “How exciting is it to be here tonight?” she said. “This is the night I’ve been waiting for! I’ve only been here a couple of hours, but I can tell this is a very special place in a very special town, and in a school like this you have extraordinary teachers…I met the students and I want to say they are so great.” – Deadline


The high school production corresponds with Alien’s 40th anniversary, this year.  

Watch the movie again, people. It holds up.  

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