It’s Siblings Day! This holiday celebrates the fellow sibling(s) in your life who are bonded by blood, love and much more. We all know how terrifying growing up can be and sometimes, having someone close in your corner can make it just a bit easier.

We are celebrating Siblings Day, April 10, by sharing some of our favorite siblings found within entertainment! So grab your favorite kin and let’s dive in!

The Hargreeves – Umbrella Academy

They may not be related by blood, but these seven siblings have been through it all. Death, time travel and even apocalypses are no match for the Hargreeves. Sure, they may sometimes fight – what siblings don’t? But when it comes down to it, they have each others’ backs.

With Season Three of The Umbrella Academy just around the corner, it looks like the Hargreeves will face off against another set of super siblings in the Sparrow Academy. Hopefully, they’ll be able to work together as a family once again; the Umbrella Academy is at its best when the siblings support each other. – Alex Faccibene

The siblings of the Umbrella Academy standing together and looking up towards the sky.

Elijah, Kol, Finn, Klaus, Rebekah and Freya – The Originals

You can’t celebrate National Sibling Day without thinking of the CW’s The Originals. The six live by the code “family above all,” as stated many times throughout their show. Elijah (Daniel Gillies), Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic), Finn (Casper Zafer), Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Freya (Riley Voelkel) are the quintessential embodiment of siblings. Each week, we saw them argue, betray, and even sling insults and catty remarks at one another. Klaus was the king of insults and betrayals. He stabbed his siblings in the back, literally and figuratively, at every turn.

They all had a turn in doing the same to one another. In the same breath, they had an unspoken agreement that regardless of their storied history with each other, they would always fight for and protect each other. We saw many family breakups and fights that surely could and would mean the end for them all. No matter their grievances with each other, they always came together when they needed to. – Andrea Carter

The Mikaelson family standing together outside.

Eloise and Benedict – Bridgerton

The Bridgerton siblings, led by their mother, are one our my favorite families in media. They each have their own identity, wishes, opinions and dreams while also standing by the rest of their family. But two of them, Eloise (Claudia Jessie) and Benedict (Luke Thompson), take the cake. The second son and second daughter find themselves struggling with imposter syndrome and trying to find their own ways in the world on the heels of their older siblings.

But this isn’t what makes them so great. Eloise and Benedict have a terrific sibling relationship and are always there for each other. In both seasons one and two, we get the chance to see them separate from the family when they find each other out on the swings and share a bit of themselves with each other. By far, this sibling relationship makes me truly love the Bridgerton siblings. – Julia Roth

Benedict and Eloise sitting on the swing chatting in Bridgerton.

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Sarah and Felix – Orphan Black

If you’re a member of Clone Club, you know there’s nothing mightier than a sibling bond, and family doesn’t necessarily mean shared DNA. Orphan Black‘s Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany) and Felix Dawkins (Jordan Gavaris) are foster siblings adopted by Mrs. S when they were children. They survived the foster system together, the rockiness of their formative years and the madness unfolding from Sarah discovering she’s a clone.

Felix and Sarah’s unwavering loyalty to each other is a thing of beauty. Sarah wants what’s best for Felix and vice versa. These two have each other’s backs, through thick and thin.

When I think of “family,” when I think of “siblings,” Sarah and Felix spring to mind. The power of sestra-hood is all-encompassing and all-consuming. Here’s to Sarah and Felix’s everlasting bond. May they always nurture each other while surrounded by their galaxy of women. – Melody McCune

Sarah and Felix sitting next to each other on a couch looking towards the camera.

Vax and Vex – The Legend of Vox Machina

Siblings have a special bond, but there is something more between twins. And two of our favorite twins are Vax (Liam O’Brien) and Vex (Laura Bailey) of The Legend of Vox Machina. They have been through great hardship together and forced to grow up way too fast, even for half-elves. Together they joined the greatest band of mercenaries, Vox Machina, but still find themselves thinking about the other’s well-being before all else.

Vax and Vex share everything with each other and find comfort in knowing that someone else understands their heartache and pain. But it isn’t all depression among the twins. They banter, joke and tease each other just like everyone else. In fact, we don’t think that anyone could get under Vax’s skin quite as his sister can. – Julia Roth

Vax and Vex backed up against each other during a bar fight.

Spock, Sybok and Michael – Star Trek

In the fifth Star Trek movie, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, a mysterious (and unusually emotional) Vulcan named Sybok (Laurence Luckinbill) hijacks the Enterprise-A, seemingly brainwashing the crew and leading them on a mission to locate God. But, what would God need with a starship? And more importantly, who is this Vulcan? It turns out he’s Spock’s (Leonard Nimoy) never-before-mentioned half-brother.

This could be shocking, but Spock has a history of keeping details about his family tree on the down-low. In Star Trek: The Original Series, Kirk (William Shatner) almost seemed surprised to learn Spock had parents in the episode “Journey to Babel.” And in Star Trek: Discovery, we learn that Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) was fostered by Spock’s family and raised alongside him on Vulcan. Could Spock have a third (or even fourth) secret sibling who is yet to be revealed? – Avery Kaplan

Spock and Sybok standing together outside.

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Kaylie and Tim – Oculus

One of my favorite sibling duos is, without a doubt, Kaylie (Karen Gillan) and Tim (Brenton Thwaites) from Oculus. It is a tale of siblings at its heart and Kaylie and Tim experience something terrifying in their home as children. Tim, the younger sibling, can’t let the event go and spends the following years in a mental health facility. After reaching adulthood, his doctors feel that he moved past the trauma and released him. Meanwhile, Kaylie has made a name for herself in the professional world, she’s engaged, and life is going well for her.

When Kaylie and Tim reconnect, they go back to their childhood home to face their demons together. Even though sibling bickering commences after arriving, they protect each other. Regardless of what they have been through, they never stop being siblings first. Even when it seems like Kaylie has changed, Tim is there for her. – Becca Stalnaker

Kylie and Tim standing together looking away from the mirror towards the camera behind them.

David and Alexis – Schitt’s Creek

David (Dan Levy) and Alexis (Annie Murphy) of Schitt’s Creek are hands down my favorite fictional siblings. They remind me so much of my brother and me. Granted, he and I didn’t have parents quite as dysfunctional as Moira (Catherine O’Hara) and Johnny (Eugene Levy), but we certainly shared that “us against the world” mentality. Not to mention the prickly, love-hate relationship David and Alexis have. As to who’s who, my bro and I are both a little bit David and “A Little Bit Alexis” (sorry, I had to!)

Though Alexis and David are already adults when we meet them in season one, let’s be real; emotionally, they’re not. So, over six seasons, we get to watch a funny AF, snotty, childish relationship blossom into a really beautiful adult sibling one. The evolution from “You get murdered first for once” to Alexis walking David down the aisle makes me tear up just a little. – Melis Amber

Alexis and David standing together looking at something in front of them.

Wynonna and Waverly – Wynonna Earp

You’ll never find a pair of TV sisters more in tune with each other than Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) on Wynonna Earp. Despite their differences – notably, Wynonna’s quick-witted, whiskey-soaked recklessness and Waverly’s angelic, sunshine-infused personality – the Earp sisters are two halves of a whole.

Wynonna would go to the Garden of Eden and beyond to save Waverly. Waverly would lay waste to all the sh*t-eaters in Purgatory 100 times over to protect her big sister.

While their relationship is far from perfect, and they endure their fair share of conflict and high-octane drama, Wynonna and Waverly’s bond is eternal, bound by childhood trauma and an unvarnished love for the Homestead. Their unmitigated loyalty to each other is proof they’re the Earp-iest Earps to ever Earp. – Melody McCune

Wynonna protecting Waverly in a bar.

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Hawk, Emily and Alexander – EMPYREA

There are a million reasons one should read and fall in love with OHKATESWEBTOON series EMPYREA. It’s got magic, fantasy, steampunk-esque vibes and much more. But another reason is the Storm family. Hawk, Emily and Alexander may all be adopted, but they are proof that blood doesn’t make a family. They each have their own personalities, but you can tell that Agatha had a significant impact on their upbringing.

Regardless of where the world takes them, the Storm siblings will always have each other’s backs through thick and thin. Not to mention, they only want the others to find happiness in the end. Plus, there will always be the promise of cake when Agatha’s birthday rolls around each year. Just make sure to keep an eye on your piece of Alexander might just snatch it away. – Julia Roth

Alexander, Hawk, Agatha and Emily standing together for a picture.

Andy and Lauren – The Gifted

Is it really Siblings Day without talking about the Strucker siblings from The Gifted? Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind) is a typical big sister; her little brother is her weak spot. She fiercely protects him and lets him tag along, even when he probably shouldn’t. When Andy (Percy Hynes White) can no longer keep his mutant abilities hidden, Lauren is there to keep him from hurting himself.

Over time, as they both learn and grow, the siblings learn to lean on each other. Especially after discovering the incredible power they hold when they are together. Unfortunately, the two find themselves at odds and are separated for some time. Even so, they each feel the loss of the other and reach out through dreams. Even though the show did not get to fully explore the siblings’ powers, ending after only two seasons, Andy and Lauren came back together in the end. – Becca Stalnaker

Andy looking over at Lauren as they sit outside and talk.

Sam and Dean – Supernatural

Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester of Supernatural have the most loving brotherly bond ever. Seriously, these brothers would do anything to keep the other safe. The boys have literally been to Hell and back for each other. Yeah, Dean likes to act before thinking, but he can always count on Sam to do the thinking for him. Dean is willing to take risks to save people, while Sam makes sure they are always doing the right thing. It’s a balance that works and saves lives … most of the time.

Whatever the case, Sam and Dean just want to make the world a safe place for humanity. For 15 seasons, these brothers showed us how to love, forgive, grief, and celebrate life. And despite the hand that fate dealt to them, Sam and Dean never truly left each other’s side. These are my favorite siblings because of that love … and come on … they’re really good looking. – Noetta Harjo

Sam and Dean walking together away from Dean's car.

What siblings are on your list? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

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