Showtime is providing over 60 hours of free content for the folks who decide to spend their holidays at home, most likely in response to the holidays and Covid-19’s rising case numbers. If Showtime releasing hours of free content didn’t grab your attention, then maybe the titles available will. Showtime already offers free content such as City on a Hill, The L Word: Generation Q, The Affair and Murder in the Bayou and many others, but newer releases are going to be available over the holidays.

Notable premieres of TV shows include the final season premiere of Shameless and the premiere of Your Honor. Shameless’ final season premiere first episode features the infamous and dysfunctional Gallagher clan in the realities of a Covid-19 world. Your Honor starring Bryan Cranston (Tony award winner known for Breaking Bad), whose premiere has already received positive reviews, shows us a rule-bending judge intent on stopping an organized crime family from getting away with murder. These shows are guaranteed to help stave off the dreaded quarantine or lockdown-induced boredom.

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Not only will Showtime make these available over the holidays for free, but viewers can also snag a lifetime subscription of 8.99 monthly. Be sure to sign up before January 11th to qualify. This free content deal follows in the footsteps of other entertainment companies (such as HBO Max’s subscription’s same-day theatrical release announcement) attempts to entice people to stay home for the holidays and further.

Hopefully, with all the new and improved content releases at our fingertips, we may just be able to avoid going outside until the spring or at least until vaccines are available for all. Let’s hope that the trend to release free content lasts throughout our hardest days of the pandemic.

All free content will be available on Youtube and

Free & New Content Premieres Available on Showtime:

Your Honor premiere episode

Shameless final season premiere episode

Moonbase 8 premiere

Outcry premiere

Love Fraud premiere

The Reagans premiere


This article was originally posted on 12/8/20


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