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Today, as you may already know, is Twin Peaks day.  It is a day celebrated by fans of the David Lynch cult classic because on this day, February 24th, at 11:30am Agent Dale Cooper first rolled into that sleepy little lumber town.

To celebrate in solidarity with the fans, Showtime did a smart thing today.  They released two posters for their upcoming return to Twin Peaks.  Each has a ghostly image superimposed over the forest.  One is of present day Agent Cooper and the other is the iconic homecoming queen picture of Laura Palmer.  Excited yet?  ME TOO!!!

Deadline reports the 18-part limited series will pick up 25 years after Laura Palmer’s murder.  Every episode was directed by David Lynch.  The return to the show was written by Lynch and Mark Frost.  And, in the first two weeks, FOUR episodes will be aired.  Now are you excited?  MEEEE TOOOO!!

Twin Peaks will air on Showtime starting May 21, at 9pm.  I’ll be watching, with pie and coffee.

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