Folks!?! There’s a Duran Duran documentary coming to Showtime! And a New Order documentary! I couldn’t be more excited and yes, I’m showing my age here.

While New Order and Duran Duran are iconic, influential bands full stop, their effect on the eighties in particular is unparalleled. The documentary series on Duran Duran, will chart their trajectory over four decades, the band’s story is told through seven of their albums. Each record uncovers a compelling chapter in the band’s journey. They will use current interviews and older footage.

The New Order documentary series will be a bit different. Part concert, part documentary, this film follows the band’s preparations in the re-staging of their acclaimed collaboration, So It Goes, with the artist Liam Gillick and the 12-piece synthesizer orchestra that spectacularly captured the headlines during Manchester International Festival 2017.  The complexities extend beyond the technical and logistical: this is a band that rarely looks backward, yet for this project, they had to reflect on – and deconstruct – the band’s history, in order to create something very new.

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This eighties kid is squealing right now.