Last night we had the premiere of the newest Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer and it was glorious. I think most of us can agree on that. So now that we’ve calmed down a bit, what can we learn from the trailer (other than we all want a porg)? We here at Geek Girl Authority want to give you the most information we can, including our own speculation. So, we’ll be doing a shot for shot breakdown of the trailer. Keep in mind we’re taking it by shot so events will be all over the place. Let’s get into it, shall we?

We open with Kylo Ren overseeing what appears to be a massive ship yard filled with walkers. And we know where ever this ship yard is, it is actually gigantic because we see how big the walkers are in the next shot. The First Order may have lost Starkiller Base, but they are clearly not suffering, seeing all this military might.

Next we see the walkers on Crait, heading towards a major battle with the Resistance. We also see a ship looming in the back, which looks to be Kylo’s command shuttle. It’s almost confirmed that it’s his with the next shot of him leading a battalion of troopers. It’s unclear whether they are flametroopers or snowtroopers. Now, I want to point out that people have gotten excited at the thought of Kylo going to Mustafar, a planet where Darth Vader made his castle. In fact, rumor was floating around about him going there and with the ground the way it is, it could be mistaken as Mustafar but we’re putting our money down that it’s on Crait. We also see Kylo will don the helmet again in Snoke’s throne room. We know it’s his throne room because when Kylo is picking up his lightsaber, there are figures in red in the background. The Elite Praetorian Guards who guard Snoke wear red, so we can connect the two there. 

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During these images of Kylo, we hear Snoke saying “When I found you, I saw raw, untamed power. And beyond that, something truly special.” This could refer to either Kylo Ren, or the person who appears in the next shot – Rey. Rey has just learned of her powers in the Force and doesn’t quite know how to use them. And we later hear Luke call her powers “raw”, so it could be reference to her. However, it could still reference Kylo and his past with Snoke. I am leaning on the thought of it referring to Rey, though. Speaking of Rey!

We see Rey ignite her lightsaber before it cuts to black. We get the same aerial shot of Ahch-To from the teaser trailer before we get a little flash of the beginning of the film – Rey walking up to Luke Skywalker and handing him his old lightsaber. He takes it from her with both hands, showing his robotic hand in full glory. While still holding the lightsaber, we see Luke’s face and he looks almost confused, holding his father’s old lightsaber once more. We’re unsure what his feeling are regarding the lightsaber but they don’t appear to be good.

We see Rey venturing around Ahch-To, apparently taking more Jedi Steps in the fog, looking at the ancient Jedi books hidden in the tree, like the shot from the teaser trailer. And then some beautiful shots of her training with the lightsaber. Her training goes further when she is meditating. The ground near her cracks in half and Luke looks at it in horror. 

Her powers cause the pebbles to rise and it’s just too much for Luke. Rey’s powers are clearly frightening him as he tells her “I’ve seen this raw strength only once before. It didn’t scare me enough then. It does now!” While speaking of seeing it once before, we’re seemingly given a little more into what happened before Luke went to the island. And given the edit and his words, we’re going to assume that Luke is talking about Kylo Ren’s powers and how he toppled everything Luke was working towards. Rey is left confused and hurt, hanging on a cliff, though we think that’s from another scene. Luke walks into a cave and there’s a symbol in the ground but we can’t quite make out what it’s supposed to be. Can any of you tell? But seeing Luke so haunted is worrisome. Fear leads the path to the dark side…

We’re back to Kylo as his theme plays through the trailer. He looks down at his helmet clearly torn about what his next actions will do. What does the helmet mean to him now? Seemingly not much because he smashes it to pieces. We learned that he was wearing it to protect his identity, so since he smashes it, he’s clearly ready to admit to the world that he’s Ben Solo and he’s with the First Order. So given these pieces, we can safely put together that Kylo is brought to Snoke while wearing his helmet, something about their confrontation angers him and he smashes into smithereens, getting rid of it. Also note: how strong is Kylo?! Because holy bejesus!

We also get a shot of his bandage, helping heal the wound Rey gave him on Starkiller Base. Still wearing his space bandage, he expertly flies his new TIE Silencer around some Resistance ships, launching an attack on them. This may be the same attack we saw in the teaser trailer that blows Poe Dameron’s ship up! Leia is seemingly on the ship he’s attacking. His face registers that he’s doing something regretful. Leia looks saddened, trying to reach out to her son through the Force. Now, these may be edited together to make us think this and they’re two separate scenes, but the intention is there – he truly hesitates to kill his mother. We see this in the edits where his thumb is over the trigger but he doesn’t pull it, tears welling in his eyes. I would bet that he is attacking his mother’s ship and doesn’t kill her. 

While these scenes happen, Kylo is telling either himself or possibly Rey to “let the past die. Kill it, if you have to, that’s the only way you can become who you were meant to be.” Now I would like to speculate and say this line was all edited together because the inflections in his voice differ from each beat. But from the intention of the edit, we learn that he’s truly trying to bury his past and become one with the dark side of the Force. But with the images we’re shown, he’s really struggling with it.

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Next we’re back on Crait. How do we know? We see the Millennium Falcon soaring through red crystal caves. These could very possibly be kyber crystals, but it’s unclear at this time. But what we do know of Crait is that it’s a small mineral planet that houses mines and this looks to be the very place! TIE Fighters try to shoot down the Falcon as it avoids all their fire. In the Falcon we see Chewie letting out a yell followed by a little porg also yelling. While it may not be the Crait scene in particular, we know that a porg joins Chewie on an adventure in the Falcon. In fact! I would go out on a limb and say that Rey is flying the Falcon in that scene, since we know from the behind the scenes video she ends up on Crait, too. 

Poe is on a ship that’s being attacked as he looks at the damage, which may also be a part of the scene where Kylo is attacking the ships. We see an X-Wing fire up before rocketing into battle, with a quick shot of Poe’s visor. He gives a rousing speech to someone while Lt. Connix (played by Billie Lourd) is in the background. “We are the spark that’ll light the fire that’ll bring the First Order down.”

Phasma appears in a destroyed ship yard, very possibly the one we saw Kylo looking over at the beginning of the trailer. She is wielding a pike while we see who she’s facing off with – Finn! Finn, wearing First Order garb, moves towards her. He is using the Executioner blade, because if you look carefully, the weapon unfolds in his hand. We also see the electricity running through it as he slams the weapon down on Phasma, who blocks with her pike. 

Ships are going down and we see our one and only shot of precious droid BB-8 trying to shake off some electrocution. The X-Wing he’s in is flying away from a large and damaged ship and it’s unclear where the electricity came from. 

Luke is in the rain (or at least soaked), on his back against the rocks. “This is not going to go the way you think!” he snarls. We have more images of Crait, seeing the crystalline foxes run while blast doors are closing, more than likely in preparation for the battle with The First Order. Leia is at the blast doors in the next shot, the doors still partially opened. She looks like she’s waiting for someone, only to be disappointed. Could she be waiting for Luke and Rey? 

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Rey dives into a pool and comes out. We see her rise while looking at a soaking Luke. The scene of him against the rocks is seemingly the same as this, where the two of them will probably be frustrated with the other. We learned from various interviews that things aren’t going well with the two of them and this could very well be one of these instances.

Finn is either captured or blending in while walking with some troopers. We’re also again reminded of the strength of The First Order as soldiers fill the bay we had seen at the beginning of the trailer. And we’re further proved their might by seeing some action during the Battle of Crait, with walkers firing and a Resistance ship blowing up. 

We have our first look at Snoke in non-holograph form, wearing a golden robe. He speaks again saying “fulfill your destiny” as we cut to a scene of him torturing Rey. This is one of the most disturbing images ever seen in all of Star Wars, in my humble opinion. We know it’s Snoke torturing her because his robes in the background as well as Praetorian Guards. We’re also in his throne room as he appears to be sitting on a large throne. 

We then have Rey, tears in her eyes, saying “I need someone to show me my place in all this.” We then cut to Kylo, having a sympathetic look on his face before offering his hand. Now! Reylo fans went nuts but this is another edit. Rey’s face is lit by a bright yellow and orange light. Kylo is lit in a more reddish orange light with embers and smoke falling around him. I believe Rey is talking to Luke but in another scene, Kylo is offering his hand to Rey. It was edited that way to make us aware that the two of them will come together. Whether that’s a full misdirect or not, we’re not sure. But seeing as Kylo has his scar that Rey gave him, we know he’s offering his hand in the events of the movie and not in the past with Luke. 

If I may put on my speculation hat for a moment, I’d like to try to piece together the events of the film on the Force front. Kylo goes out for revenge, trying to kill his mother but fails. So he goes to Ahch-To and encounters Rey and Luke. A large fight ensues and things are lit on fire, probably the tree that holds the ancient Jedi books. Rey, frustrated with Luke’s lack of teaching, goes off with Kylo. He brings her to Snoke, like he was told to do in the first film but Snoke ends up torturing her. Will he start his path of redemption by saving her? We’ll have to see.

As for disappointments with the trailer – I was sad at the lack of Rose, BB9-E, Amilyn Holdo and DJ. It’s also been a little frustrating and disappointing at lack of Finn, seeing as I really want him to start his own hero’s journey, he’s seemingly pushed to the wayside. But! It’s an exciting trailer nonetheless.

What did you think of it? Was there something you noticed that we didn’t? Did you learn anything new? Let us know! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more Star Wars news! The Last Jedi will be in theaters (not soon enough) December 15th!

Erin Lynch