DISCLAIMER: This recap of the Shoresy episode “Know Your Role” has spoilers. Proceed at your peril, and give your balls a tug. 

Welcome back, hockey players! We’re now at the halfway point in Shoresy, and “Know Your Role” finally gives our Bulldogs a taste of sweet success. Jared Keeso owns this role, injecting Shoresy with delightful nuance and layers we’ve never seen. He’s a sensitive soul who loves calling his parents. He showcases unwavering loyalty to Sanguinet and his teammates. I’ve fallen for Shoresy on this show, and I never thought I’d type that. 

This episode especially feels like a commentary on toxic masculinity while delivering hysterical one-liners, sharp-edged humor and Sudbury flair. 

Ready to delve into “Know Your Role”? Let’s get to it. 

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We open with a children’s choir singing the Canadian National Anthem. The camera pans on the Sudbury Blueberry Bulldogs’ faces, finally landing on Shoresy (Keeso), who’s openly weeping. This scene takes place before the Bulldogs’ match against the Timmins Timber Kings and the infamous Apeldoorn brothers. 

Nat standing with her arms crossed in Shoresy Season 1 Episode 3 "Know Your Role."

Shoresy — Season 1 Episode 3, “Know Your Role” – Nat (Tasya Teles), shown. (Photo by: Lindsay Sarazin/Hulu)

Then, the episode rewinds 24 hours, and we glimpse Shoresy and Sanguinet (Harlan Blayne Kytwayhat) sitting in Peppi Panini while brainstorming for the upcoming game. Sanguinet asks Shoresy to help him coach for this first match, and the latter begrudgingly obliges. I want to note that our boys are enjoying some Puppers.

Next, Sanguinet waltzes into the locker room while sporting a snazzy gameday suit. Shoresy announces the main lineup, which includes JJ Frankie JJ (Max Bouffard), Dolo (Jonathan-Ismael Diaby), Hitch (Terry Ryan) and Goody (Andrew Antsanen). 

Meanwhile, Shoresy insults some of the Bulldogs he deems to be under-par players. Shoresy’s gonna be Shoresy!

Nat (Tasya Teles), Miigwan (Keilani Rose) and Ziigwan (Blair Lamora) watch while the boys practice. Miigwan practically drools over Sanguinet’s new look. Hey, he is pretty easy on the eyes. Nat laments the lack of butts in seats, but hopefully, they’ll walk away with a W, leading to a significant increase in butt-seating. 

Then, Dolo casts his helmet aside and starts a scrap with one of the Timmins players. Scraps are a form of patriotism and par for the course in a hockey game. 

During the breaks in the match, we see Shoresy dole out insult-laden critiques while sitting on his porcelain throne. He’s a brazen fella, that Shoresy. He now dumps with the door open. 

Shoresy, Goody and Hitch drinking beer on a snowy porch in Shoresy Season 1 Episode 3 "Know Your Role."

Shoresy — Season 1 Episode 3, “Know Your Role” – Shoresy (Jared Keeso), Goody (Andrew Antsanen) and Hitch (Terry Ryan), shown. (Photo by: Lindsay Sarazin/Hulu)

Shoresy puts pressure on JJ Frankie JJ to score, and, thankfully, his lady love, Laurence Leboeuf, arrives to show support. Shoresy taunts the Apeldoorns with his signature flair for foul-mouthed verbosity. 

Thankfully, our boys win, scoring their first W! Shoresy encourages the fellas to call their parents and gifts everyone with drumsticks as a sweet post-match treat. After the game, a few guys on Shoresy’s sh*t list complain to Nat and Miigwan regarding our titular character’s behavior. One quits after giving Nat an ultimatum. Sanguinet persuades the remaining aggrieved players to stay on the team. 

While at Peppi Panini, the boys order celebratory food. Dolo asks for the “Pitter-Patter Panini,” clearly a Letterkenny nod. I dig it. 

JJ Frankie JJ and Laurence waltz into the restaurant, wherein Laurence argues with Shoresy in French while the latter fires back in English. Shocker. He is not well-loved in Québec. 

Meanwhile, Nat visits Michaels (Ryan McDonell), who’s not doing well. He sold most of his belongings for cash, giving his ex-girlfriend a considerable chunk of his finances. The ex who gave Sanguinet a handy while Shoresy took an aqua dump. I love that Michaels asks what an aqua dump is, resurfacing the joke. 

Michaels dramatically moves about in his undies, inadvertently flashing part of his penis, much to Nat’s annoyance. He didn’t apologize, even though it was accidental. Admittedly, as a woman, this part made me uncomfortable. Letterkenny never did something like this, so it also felt out of left field for this universe. 

Shoresy with his team on the ice in Shoresy Season 1 Episode 3 "Know Your Role."

Shoresy — Season 1 Episode 3, “Know Your Role” — (Photo courtesy of Hulu)

Nat urges Michaels to come back, not as a coach but as a player. He accepts, but only if Shoresy and Sanguinet apologize to him. 

Shoresy refs the high school team as Liam (Keegan Long) and Cory (Bourke Cazabon) deliver insults at our fave dirty hockey player. He watches a video of Dolo’s scrap with the Timmins player, which goes viral. Ziigwan and Miigwan inform Nat about an increase in season passes, meaning more butts in seats!

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Do you think this is the start of the Bulldogs’ reign as hockey champs? Will Miigwan and Sanguinet find love? Why is Big Sexy such a good birdie? Join me while I recap Shoresy, only on Geek Girl Authority. 

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