DISCLAIMER: This recap and review of Shoresy Season 3 Episode 6, “Les Rapides Des Rawdon,” contains spoilers. Proceed at your peril. 

The Sudbury Blueberry Bulldogs will never lose again. 

Shoresy‘s Season 3 finale is equal parts humorous, heartwarming and suspenseful. “Les Rapides Des Rawdon” fires on all cylinders, delivering an inspirational under(bull)dog story, with beautiful performances from the main cast (especially Jared Keeso). Overall, Season 3 is Shoresy at its best, a hilarious sports saga with Letterkenny elements that manages to stand apart from its predecessor. Now that we’re getting more, I can’t wait to see where it takes us next. 

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Shoresy’s “Les Rapides Des Rawdon”

We open with a brawl in the stands during the SOO Hunt game. Shoresy (Keeso), Cory (Bourke Cazabon) and Liam (Keegan Long) stand among the fighting masses, looking pleased about the chaos they unleashed. Then, Gord Gallant, Marie-Mai, Shoresy, Nat (Tasya Teles), Sly Sylvestri, a SOO Hunt player and the Freezer Twins meet to determine our titular captain’s fate in the finals. Everyone wants to suspend him, even though he insists he didn’t start the fight.

Nat reveals this is his final game ever, so perhaps they should extend some grace and let him play. He’s on his way to retirement. The others question the Bulldogs’ win over the SOO Hunt. 

Nat sits at a bar with a drink in front of her. She looks at Shoresy, who stands beside her, in a photo from Shoresy Season 3 Episode 6, "Les Rapides Des Rawdon."

SHORESY Season 3 Episode 6, “Les Rapides Des Rawdon.” Photo courtesy of Hulu.

Toughness Is Key

Later, Jory Jordan (Maclean Fish) delivers a segment of the Sudbury Kids Sport Report. He announces Shoresy’s retirement and makes some questionable remarks about the wives of the Les Rapides Des Rawdon players. If Wayne were there, he’d go over and talk to Jory, that’s for sure. Jory also professes his love for Marie-Mai. We switch to BROdude’s Questionable Call with Anik (Kim Cloutier), Tessa Bonhomme, Jay Onrait and RA (Brian McGonagle). They talk about all the fighting happening in the senior tournament. As Marie-Mai says, toughness is key. And the audiences love a good scrap on the ice. 

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Meanwhile, Shoresy, Dolo (JoDolo), Hitch (Terry Ryan), Goody (Andrew Antsanen) and Michaels (Ryan McDonell) host their final seminar (Saminar?) for the kids while Nat supervises. Shoresy is a hit with the kiddos. One child pokes fun at the team’s f*cked-up hair and their bald spots, which resulted from the infamous NOSHO record party. After the seminar, one woman asks Shoresy if he’d like to teach hockey to the Sudbury kids. He declines the offer. 

Then, Jory interviews Shoresy before the final game with Les Rapides Des Rawdon. Jory rattles off rapid-fire insults on air, but once the camera stops rolling, he thanks Shoresy. Why? Our titular captain gave Jory great viewing numbers for his show. After all, it’s all about business. Shoresy and Jory shake hands. 

A Good Leader

After that, Shoresy tells Nat what Jory said. She’s incredulous. Nat thanks him as well for always finding a way to contribute. He’s a good leader. A few moments of silence stretch between them before Shoresy pokes fun at Nat for being sentimental. I love these two. 

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Later, Laura Mohr (Camille Sullivan) interviews Shoresy before he’s officially retired. There’s a lot of flirting. Really, he’s so good to her. Then, he walks through the city as fans silently pat him on the back. They recognize Shoresy as the hockey legend he is. 

That night, Nat, Ziigwan (Blair Lamora) and Miigwan (Keilani Elizabeth Rose) walk through the arena as if on a mission. Marie-Mai and her crew do the same. Shoresy and the fellas make their way toward the locker room. Sanguinet (Harlan Kytwayhat) motivates the boys to go ’til they can’t go no more. Shoresy joins everyone on the ice for the National Anthem as the crowd cheers. 

Shoresy wears hockey gear while holding a stick and standing on the ice and smiling in Shoresy Season 3 Episode 6, "Les Rapides Des Rawdon."

SHORESY Season 3 Episode 6, “Les Rapides Des Rawdon.” Photo credit: Gerry Kingsley/Hulu.

Looking Bleak 

The outlook seems bleak initially. Les Rapides Des Rawdon is in the lead. Shoresy takes to the ice. My guess is the other team’s captains/owners let him play because it’s his last game. 

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Then, Shoresy rallies the team together. The opposition has four points to their zero, so they need to score five. However, it’s entirely doable. They cannot let the competition see they’re hurt. He amps up Dolo, Hitch, Goody, Michaels, Fish (Jacob Smith) and JJ Frankie JJ (Max Bouffard). He also urges Sanger to put the Jims (Jon Mirasty, Brandon Nolan and Jordan Nolan) on the ice. How can you not? They’re certified beauties. 

Later, the boys return to the game. At one point, the refs put Shoresy in the penalty box. Thankfully, the others spearhead the Bulldogs’ comeback. It’s triumphant. The fellas manage to score five points, winning the whole damn thing. They’re officially the best hockey team in the country. The arena is buzzing with excitement. This entire sequence successfully keeps us on the edge of our collective seat, especially with the music. 

The Last Win

Afterward, Shoresy carries the National Senior Tournament trophy. He stops for a moment, overcome with emotion. He kneels while crying. Nat crouches down beside him, embracing him. It’s a sweet scene. 

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Next, Shoresy hangs out with Laura at a restaurant. He admits he’s too old for this—for the game and the subsequent partying. Then, Shoresy, Goody, Hitch and Michaels get their heads shaven by Nat, Ziig, Miig and Dolo. Only winners have bald heads. 

The b’ys eat Gord’s seafood with the other teams. At the end of the day, it’s a game, and they leave any animosity on the ice. We return to the restaurant scene with Laura. She asks why Shoresy chatted with Emma (Vanessa Matsui), the BROdude rep. Emma offered Shoresy a job as a hockey analyst for BROdude. 

Shoresy and Fish stretch out on the ice in their hockey gear in Shoresy Season 3 Episode 6, "Les Rapides Des Rawdon."

SHORESY Season 3 Episode 6, “Les Rapides Des Rawdon.” Photo credit: Gerry Kingsley/Hulu.

The End of … Part 1

He relays Emma’s job offer to Nat. She realizes she’ll have to up her game. Why? She wants him to be a coach. (I hope he won’t replace Sanguinet.) 

The screen cuts to black, and “This is the end of Shoresy” appears. After a beat, “Part 1” materializes underneath it. Phew. I about had a heart attack. 

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