Robbie Reyes reveals how and why he became the Ghost Rider.  SHIELD tries to stop Lucy and Eli from completing a dangerous project.

A lot happened in this episode!

“Back in the day…”

Eli (Jose Zuniga) rushes into the lab because Joseph (Kerr Smith) had a breakthrough in their experiment.  They are trying to create matter from nothing, which goes against all laws of thermodynamics. (?)  Eli questions their methods and Lucy (Lilli Birdsell) tells him that they have a book that helps them.  Joseph stops her and tells Eli to stop asking questions.


Eli is trying to reason with Joe and asks for the book.  Joe chases him away.  Lucy tells Eli to trust them.  Eli reminds her that the energy in the power cells can kill them all.  Lucy tells Eli that they are creating matter from nothing. They no longer need a machine to generate it. Joe is trying to do it himself…he wants to create life.  Eli says he wants to be a God.  Lucy says that Eli is jealous and he wants the book for himself.  Eli says that devil wrote the book he wants to destroy it.


Later Lucy catches Eli looking at their notes.  He says he doesn’t like being kept in the dark.  He wants to know where the book is.  She asks where the rest of the team is and notices blood on the floor.  He hits her and puts her in a chamber and locks the door.  Eli activates the system.  Lucy

Back to the present day…

May (Ming-Na Wen) and her team enter Momentum Energy lab. Lucy has been there.  Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) tells them that a lot of their equipment is gone. Coulson (Clark Gregg) says she has Eli because he can do something that Lucy cannot.  SHIELD controls the lab now so Lucy needs a new place to work.  Coulson’s primary objective is to find Lucy Bowers.

Gabe Reyes (Lorenzo James Henrie) is looking for Robbie (Gabriel Luna) when Daisy (Chloe Bennett) shows up to take Gabe to Robbie.  When they get there Gabe thinks Robbie is a secret agent and it’s pretty cool.  Gabe tells Robbie he thought he was into something bad.  Robbie tells Gabe that Eli was taken from jail.  He wants to protect Gabe from being taken as well.


Director Mace (Jason O’Mara) is sending Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) on a new assignment and she has to leave right away.  He won’t tell her where she is going or what she will be doing.  He just asks her to cooperate. Meanwhile, Director Mac is on an assignment of his own.  He boards a quinjet to intercept the Zephyr and take Robbie and Daisy into custody.  

Eli looks over the notes for the experiment that Lucy’s team was working on.  She tells him that their experiment was sabotaged and that’s why it was never completed.  Eli tells her there wasn’t enough power, but their new location generates more than enough.  He says if they get the experiment wrong, then thousands of people could die. Lucy says that is not her problem.

Coulson complies as Mack (Henry Simmons) warns Daisy and Robbie to get into the containment module.  They move the module to the bottom of the Zephyr.  Director Mace tells Coulson about Robbie killing the gang member at the prison.  He understands Coulson’s desire to protect Daisy but SHIELD can’t afford to be associated with a murderer.

Meanwhile, Gabe asks a lot of questions about why they are running.  He knows they are hiding something from him.  Daisy tries to continue to lie to Gabe, but Robbie doesn’t want to lie anymore.


“Back in the Day…”

Robbie steals Eli’s car from the driveway and Gabe catches him.  Robbie has been racing Eli’s Charger and winning.  Gabe warns him against racing the Locos.  Robbie talks Gabe into going with him to race as an ominous van follows them.  They stop at a stoplight and someone opens the backdoor and throws a bottle on fire at them.  Robbie gets them away from the van and another car pulls up next to them shooting.  Both are shot and it cause them to crash.

Gabe remembers being stuck in the car. He saw Robbie was thrown from the car and thought he was dead.  Someone, a good samaritan on a motorcycle drove up and pulled Gabe out of the car.  The “good samaritan” checks on Robbie and he moved around so Gabe knew Robbie was alive.


Robbie’s version of the story is different. Robbie was thrown from the car. He begged God to save Gabe. Robbie fell to the ground and died. He heard a voice ask him if he wanted a second chance? Did he want to punish those who hurt Gabe?  Did he want to avenge his own death?   Robbie said yes and returned back to life.  It wasn’t a good samaritan; it was the Ghost Rider.  The Ghost Rider gave Robbie his curse when he touched him and brought Robbie back to life.  He swore to go after all who spilled innocent blood.

Gabe asked if Robbie killed all of those Locos, but Robbie tells him that the Ghost Rider did. Robbie said the Rider craves vengeance and the Locos got what they deserved for what they did to Gabe.  Gabe says that he hates that he can no longer walk, but he is fine with it. He tells Robbie not to put their blood on him.

Fitz is very irritated as he is talking to May. He doesn’t trust Director Mace and how he’s hunting down Daisy…and he hasn’t heard from Simmons all day.  Through his frustrations he concludes that Momentum didn’t have enough power for Lucy’s experiment, so he is looking for place with more power.  May found some equipment manufactured by a company named Isodyne.  Fitz can’t look into it because he doesn’t have the security clearance to access the files.  Coulson and Simmons have clearance but he can’t find either one.


Mace knows that Coulson is hiding the containment module.  He opens the door and the module is brought back into the Zephyr.  Fitz needs authorization to research the power facilities that Lucy may have gone to.  Director Mace is more concerned about containing Robbie and doesn’t hear why they need to find Lucy and Eli.  

Robbie hears them talking and wants out so he can help Eli. Mace tells Robbie that he will get a fair trial and Robbie becomes more agitated.  Fitz and Coulson are trying to tell Mace that Lucy Bower is endangering thousands of people.  Director Mace is irritated with Coulson’s lies and deviance and orders them to turn the plan around to return to HQ.  


Robbie starts to beat on the door of the containment module.  He says the other guy wants out.  Robbie transforms into the Ghost Rider, in front of Gabe and Director Mace. Fitz assures everyone that no one can get out of the containment module as Ghost Rider breaks through.


Ghost Rider goes after Director Mace and the two fight.  Daisy and Coulson try to stop Robbie.  Gabe calls out to Robbie and the Ghost Rider stops beating on Mace.  He changes back into Robbie and Gabe can’t look at him.

Fitz finds that Peggy Carter encountered Isodyne in the 1940s. They were conducting a project called Zero Matter or Dark Force.  Isodyne no longer exists, it was bought out by the Roxxon Corporation in the 50s…they own Momentum Lab facilities.  Fitz found one of their facilities that had been closed.  The power station could generate enough power for Lucy to finish her experiment.  Mack instructs everyone to re-route the Zephyr to the facility and contact May to meet them.

Mace wants to take Robbie in; he considers Robbie to be a terrorist.  Coulson says there is no way to contain him. Robbie is the only person who deal with Lucy Bowers, so they need him.  Mace says Robbie will have to pay for what he did and Coulson agrees.

At the Roxxon Power Station, Eli is working on the project by himself as Lucy looks on. He tells her that the plant could blow up at anytime.  Lucy says she wishes Joe was there to see his work completed. Lucy blames Eli for the project failing the first time.  Eli reveals that it was Joe who hired the Locos that caused the wreck that paralyzed Gabe and turned Robbie into the Ghost Rider.

The team enters the Roxxon Power Station.  Daisy cannot hack the old security system.  The team will have to turn off the power from the inside.  The power is increasing and it interferes with their communicators.  

Coulson, May and Robbie encounter Lucy. Robbie tells Coulson to find Eli and he will deal with Lucy.  


Lucy recognizes Robbie and tells him that Joe hired the gang to take out Eli, not the boys. She wanted Robbie to understand why she’s going to kill Eli.   Lucy tells Robbie that everything was going well for her when Eli killed her.  She walks through Robbie, trying to infect him with the ghost virus.  He grabs her arm before she walks away. Lucy is surprised and asks how he is able to touch her.  He tells her that many innocent people have died because of her and she has to pay for what she has done.  There are consequences for playing God.  She tells him that Eli is the one responsible for what happened to her.  Lucy says Robbie is just like Eli; they have the same fire. Robbie tells her that his fire is worse and burns Lucy.


Fitz and Mack cannot turn off the power.  Mack suggests using an EMP to disrupt the power. He leaves to get the EMP and takes the rest of the team with him to carry it.

May and Coulson find that they have recreated the chamber and power cells.  The Darkhold is on the desk.  Coulson gives it to May for safe keeping. May leaves the lab.  Coulson is trying to make contact with his team. Eli returns to the lab.  He tells Coulson to stay away from the equipment.  Eli steps into the chamber.


Eli confesses that he has been working to complete the project.  He tells Coulson to leave and activates the chamber.  Coulson starts unplugging things.  Fitz is trying to shut down the power.  May and Mack are waiting for the Zephyr to bring them an EMP.  Robbie is walking out of the power station.  A powerful force flashes through the station. Eli emerges from the chamber and holds out his hand.  He creates a rock from nothing.  Coulson, Fitz and Robbie have all disappeared.


Final thoughts…

This episode was pretty intense as we get to see everything come together before the big Doctor Strange premiere. I’m enjoying this season. There is always a lot going on that isn’t confusing, except for some of Fitz’s science, the story line moves well, it’s action packed, and the acting is brilliant.  

So now we have to wait four weeks to find out what happened to Coulson, Robbie and Fitz.  Ugh!  I hope they are not ghosts.  I’m pretty sure Robbie got out, he was very close to the exit, but Coulson was still in the lab. Maybe Fitz both ran too, but that flash of force has to affect him in some way.  Does Fitz become a superhero?? That would be cool.

And what about Simmons?  Where did the Director send her? He said that the powers that be needed her assistance at the highest level.  Did Fury send for her? Will we see her in Doctor Strange?  I’ve always wanted to see more crossovers from the TV Show to the movies and vice versa.  That may just happen since SHIELD has the Darkhold.

Nice preview of Doctor Strange…I’m So Excited!

Ugh! November 29th! That’s forever!  Until then, go see Doctor Strange this weekend to keep up with the MCU and the Darkhold.

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