Blizzard Entertainment released the fourth animated short for the Shadowlands Afterlives series today. Each of the animated shorts has given us a glimpse into the covenants found in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. The final short gives us a look at Revendreth. These four covenants will play a major role in the next expansion. Just getting a chance to see into each of their worlds has been most rewarding.

The Shadowlands Afterlives Revendreth begins as Garrosh Hellscream is chained to a cell and screaming out. It appears that two members of the venthyr are painfully drawing out anima. The scene then swaps to a more peaceful and charming tone. The Revendreth leader Denathruis has taken a moment out of his busy day to reach out to his people. He assures them that their holy mission to help those wicked souls find atonement is still their utmost priority.

Due to a lack of wicked people to draw anima from and the dwindling of their trusty “workhorses,” Denathruis has decided to put a rationing on the consumption of anima. But it isn’t for everyone, even if he leads them to believe it is. The Shadowlands Afterlives Revendreth short pushes the idea that this society is heavily focused on a class-based system. So the rich get the goods, and the poor suffer. An unnamed venthyr slips away in an attempt to give his share to a group of urchins before being caught.

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Dentharius sees this as more of a rebellion, even though the unnamed venthyr is just trying to help. He is punished for his actions. What is this punishment? Well, to be tossed out into the light of course. The people of Revendreth are vampires, so it only makes sense that the true death would be the worst of punishments. The cinematic comes to a close as Dentharius again reminds his people that he is doing all he can to protect them and stimulate their supply of anima.

Over four Shadowlands Afterlives cinemtatics, we have seen how the changes to the Shadowlands has affected the four covenants. However, in this final one I see something far darker than the others. It shows me that not every covenant is keen on keeping their people truly safe. This animated short is very straightforward about the corruption of its leaders. This led me to think about the other three covenants and what secrets they might be hiding.

With the fourth and final Shadowlands Afterlives animated short finally released, the only thing we have left to wait for is the next expansion. If you haven’t had a chance to play World of Warcraft, I highly suggest jumping on the bandwagon! It is available now on PC through their website. The World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion is set to release on October 27, 2020.



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