The second animated short from the Shadowlands Afterlives series released today, reintroducing Draka and the new zone, Maldraxxus. Best known to fans of World of Warcraft as the mother to Thrall, the animated short gives her new life even after death. The animated series is building up hype surrounding the four new covenants that players will interact with in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. As always, the Blizzard Entertainment team behind the animated short has breathed life into their story.

The Shadowlands Afterlives Maldraxxus short opens with Draka protecting a young Thrall before being struck down. But this isn’t where her story ends. Instead, Draka finds herself within the Maldraxxus covenant in the Shadowlands. She serves underneath Margrave Akarek as a member of the House of Eyes. He helps teach her their ways, hiding in the shadows and quickly dispatching enemies. After the fall of one of the other houses, Margrave Akarek sends Draka with a missive for Margrave Krexus.

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Draka watches as the main base of House Of Eyes is attacked while en route to deliver the missive. It comes crashing out of the sky, killing everyone. She uncovers that two of her brothers have betrayed her, and she kills them in defense. She reaches Margrave Krexus and hands over the missive, which shares that Margrave Akarek has also sent the key to saving Maldraxxus. Draka initially has no idea what key they are talking about. Margrave Krexus continues reading, sharing that the key is an “unyielding warrior with the skills of a master spy.” The key is Draka herself.ย 

Finally understanding the importance of her position against the coming enemy, Draka steps up and assumes the role left to her. She now serves as the Baroness of the House of the Chosen and protector of Maldraxxus. The Shadowlands Afterlives animated short gives new life to Draka’s character. As the mother of one World of Warcraft‘s most beloved characters, she has been largely sidelined since her death. The new expansion is finally giving us a new look into her character’s motives, and I am sure we are going to see interactions between her and her son.

The next Shadowlands Afterlives animated short will release Thursday, September 10, 2020. This one will introduce the Ardenweald covenant. From the release trailer it looks as if it will focus on the story surrounding a character new to the franchise. Let us know how excited you are to see Draka back in action!



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