The gift-giving season has arrived in full force, along with it is the stress of finding that perfect gift. But don’t worry too much; we’ve got you covered on the Shadow and Bone front. We’ve scoured the Grishaverse for some of our favorite gifts that are sure to win the heart of the Grisha or Crow in your life.

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Ketterdam Crow Club

If the Grisha on your list is anything like us, they are obsessed with the Crow Club. Who wouldn’t fall in love with them? So, to show our support, we suggest repping some of their gear. We highly recommend this Crow Club sweatshirt or this No Mourners No Funerals sweatshirt. They are perfect for any fan of the series but also fly under the radar in the best ways.

Two Ketterdam crow club sweatshirts

Shadow and Bone


While we wait for season two of Shadow and Bone to drop on Netflix, we are nose-deep in Leigh Bardugo‘s novels. So, what would be a more perfect gift than bookmarks? We are big fans of this one featuring a quote from the Darkling (Ben Barnes) himself. We are also big fans of this sun and shadow rose gold bookmarks that perfectly represent Alina (Jessie Mei Li) and the Darkling.

A shadow and moon bookmark next to a "Fine make me your villian" bookmark.

Shadow and Bone

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Oh, Milo. The real star of the series. And what better way to celebrate him than with this emotional support pin? Or this emotional support t-shirt? Maybe even this sticker featuring Jesper (Kit Young) hugging Milo from that really stressful scene about halfway through season one? Personally, we suggest checking out this Milo notebook, where you can write down everything that has been stressing you out.

An emotional support goat pin next to an emotional support goat t-shirt.

Shadow and Bone

Like Calls to Like

If you are looking for more clothing options, there is no end to what is available for Shadow and Bone. One that we absolutely love is this sweatshirt quoting one of The Darkling’s most iconic lines – “like calls to like.” Or how about this vinyl decal? You can even get it on a t-shirt! Whichever one you choose is sure to spark a light in your Grisha’s eyes.

A "Like Calls to Like" sticker and sweatshirt.

Shadow and Bone

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