It seems that strong women rule the universe in Another LifeSelma Blair has signed on to join Katee Sackhoff in the new Netflix sci-fi drama. This turn follows Blair’s recent space adventure in a guest role as Jessica Harris in Netflix’s Lost in Space

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Another Life follows astronaut Niko Breckinridge (Sackhoff) as she leads a young crew of adventurers in search of alien intelligence. According to Deadline, who reported Tuesday, “Blair will play 21st century media influencer Harper Glass, who uses journalism, social media and keen intelligence in an attempt to break one of the biggest stories in human history.” It’s looking like Blair may be an Earth-bound character… or, one that invades the space of the space invaders. So, that might put her character at odds with Sackhoff’s. But, nobody’s asking for a lack of conflict in their space dramas, now are they? 

The 10-episode streaming series comes from creator/showrunner Aaron Martin and producer Noreen Halpern. Halpern recently produced Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace for Netflix.  

There’s no word on when, exactly, Another Life will be available to stream. We’ll keep you updated!


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