Developers MadLight Studio have officially dropped the very first trailer for their sci-fi puzzle adventure Seed of Life. They also announced that they have partnered with publisher Leonardo Interactive to bring the title to all platforms. The project has been underway for about three years and has come so far since its original conception. They are nearing the end of development and have set a release date for 2021.

Seed of Life takes place on the dystopian dying planet Lumia. Players will control Cora, the last known survivor, as she journeys to find and activate the Seed. This alien device is capable of generating the essence of life, which in turn will save Lumia from annihilation. Players will navigate through a labyrinth-like world full of mysteries, danger and puzzles alongside their alien companion, Nar.

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MadLight Studio promises that Seed of Life will bring us an emotional journey that comes to life within the trailer. It opens as Cora explains that the aliens are the reason Lumia is dying and unless she does something, the world will die. It then shifts from discussing narrative to showcasing the gameplay. Cora has a circular device on her back, and from what we see here it looks like that is what allows her to interact with the puzzles.

The trailer has us asking a lot of questions about Seed of Life. What exactly is the device on her back? Is she really the last known survivor? What do the aliens really want? If Lumia looks like this when it is dying, how beautiful is it when its alive and well? Let’s just say that I am now fully invested in this story and the world’s wellbeing.

Seed of Life is set to release on PC through Steam in 2021. Through MadLight Studio’s collaboration with Leonardo Interactive it will see other consoles as well, but none named at this time. Be sure to check back as more news comes out!



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