A Super Blood Wolf Moon will appear in the sky only three times this century. One of them is this weekend, and the next one won’t happen for 18 years. Grab some coffee, skywatchers.  

There are three reasons that this moon is special. It’s a super moon, which means it is close in its orbit to Earth when it is in the full moon phase. That makes it look 10% to 15% bigger in the night sky. It’s a blood moon, which means we’re getting a full lunar eclipse and the result is that the moon takes on a red hue in the shadow of Earth. And, it’s a wolf moon which means it happens in January. Yeah, that’s the only reason it’s called the wolf moon. I also wished it had to do with some kind of lycan magic. You’re not alone.

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According to cnet.com you can count on one to five super blood moons every decade, but we won’t get another one in January until 2037, and none after that until the next century!  

You can see the Super Blood Wolf Moon by looking up on the night of Sunday, January 20. A partial eclipse will start around 7:34 p.m. PT or 10:34 p.m. ET. And, the full eclipse will begin around an hour later. If the sky in your area foils your moon watching plans, you can go to the Virtual Telescope Project in Rome and view it virtually.  

Have fun looking up! And, you know, just in case… look around too. And, listen for the howling that heralds the end. 



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