The Room may be the best worst movie ever made.  It has become a cult classic with people rushing to theaters for screenings, carrying props and reciting every line.  It’s become a phenomenon since it’s modest release in 2003, and it’s not stopping.  Now there’s a movie about the making of the epically bad film that everyone loves to hate.  It’s called The Distaster Artist, and from the new teaser, it looks really perfectly horrible. 

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The potential for fun in this behind the scenes look at one of the worst movies ever made is huge.  The teaser trailer focuses exclusively on one of the original movie’s most infamous sequences and it’s pitch perfect.  James Franco stars as The Room‘s star and creator, Tommy Wiseau. To call that guy a character would be the understatement of the century.  And, though Franco may be a little too handsome to really look like Wiseau, as mentioned in Vanity Fair on Tuesday, his timing is awesome and his characterization works.  

Greg Sestero, one of the stars of The Room wrote a tell-all book about the making of the film, which is the main source material for The Disaster Artist script.  That, and Sestero himself worked on the screenplay for the new film. 

The Disaster Artist will be in theaters sometime this December.  


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