Seth MacFarlane is known to love genre, sci-fi and space shows.  Well, now he made one.  FOX has picked up MacFarlane’s space adventure series The Orville and the first-look pictures were released Monday.

As The Verge points out, chances are good that this series will be a parody of classic space adventure shows; most specifically Star Trek.  The photos released feature a bridge and crew that are more than reminiscent and down-right referential of the original Star Trek series.   The content of the series has not been confirmed, so that’s all conjecture… but come on.  This looks fun.

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The buzz around these photos and the series is that it might just be akin to a Galaxy Quest series that so many have hoped for, for so long.  That franchise has been attempting to get a series going for awhile, The Verge reminds us.  But, several obstacles, including the passing of Alan Rickman have gotten in the way of a Galaxy Quest series’ development.

Though FOX has ordered The Orville, no premiere date has been set.  Stay tuned.

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