Can Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) save humanity, and if so… should he? Secret Invasion season 1 episode 6, “Home,” was written by Kyle Bradstreet and Brian Tucker and directed by Ali Selim.

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Varra AKA Priscilla Fury (Charlayne Woodard) is at her home. The bodies of the Skrull soldiers killed by her and G’iah (Emilia Clarke) in the previous episode litter the floors. She answers a call on her cell from Fury. She says it’s the first time he’s called in years. He admits he’s dialed many times but hasn’t been able to bring himself to hit “send.” Varra asks his location and Fury says he’s too far to turn back. Varra tells him he doesn’t have to go if he doesn’t want. Fury terminates the call.

A car pulls up to the Skrull compound, located at an abandoned nuclear plant in Russia. The two guards fire upon the rolling vehicle. After shooting it, the soldiers find the car is empty. Fury shoots both of them.


In London, “James Rhodes” (Don Cheadle) and an Admiral meet with United States President Ritson (Dermot Mulroney). Ritson is sitting in his hospital bed. “Rhodes” argues that Ritson should retaliate against Russia. But the Admiral states that they need confirmation that it was indeed the Russians behind the crash. “Rhodes” continues to insist that the Skrulls are working with the Russians. 

An assistant enters and brings “Rhodes” real-time surveillance footage that shows Russian tanks taking position on the borders of Finland and Ukraine. “Rhodes” tells Ritson he’s prepared remarks for Ritson. He indicates satellite footage of the nuclear plant and provides it to Ritson as proof of the Skrull invasion.

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At the power plant, Fury finds many dead Skrulls. He coughs. He consults a beeping Geiger counter, which beeps wildly. Then he works his way deeper into the nuclear plant. Meanwhile, “Rhodes” gets a call from Sonya Falsworth (Olivia Colman). She tells “Rhodey” to get the President out of there, as Fury is on his way. Falsworth states Fury has lost it, and tells “Rhodey” to move the president. At the nuclear plant, Fury works his way deeper into the property, finally arriving at the Super Skrull machine.

Super Skrull Machine

Gravik (Kingsley Ben-Adir) is waiting for Fury at the Super Skrull machine. Fury continues coughing. He attempts to take a pill but drops them into the grate on the floor. Gravik pushes Fury’s pills further down and says, “No more protection for you.” Instead, he offers Fury a drink from a flask. At the hospital, “Rhodey” and several Secret Service agents attempt to move Ritson. However, several agents are soon shot.

At the nuclear plant, Gravik and Fury argue. Gravik reveals the face he wears was the first human he killed. He reveals that he killed him under orders from Fury, who he trusted. Gravik says everyone he killed took a little bit of his heart, but he’s brave enough to admit it. He then brings up Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) and classifies him as a failed leader. Gravik blames Fury for “pimping” the Skrulls. He goes on to blame Fury for humanity’s impending extinction. Gravik says Fury’s broken promises were what caused it. 

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Fury concedes that he failed. He says after a few years of searching he knew there was no other planet for the Skrulls. Fury says his part of the bargain was to build them a home. But he says it’s easier to save the lives of eight billion people than it is to change their hearts and minds. “Even for Nick Fury.” He further admits that he felt relief as he died during the Blip. Fury continues that Gravik was the youngest Skrull on his team, and he feels that he should have taught him never to give up. He continues that since he failed them he will give Gravik his desire: the Harvest. He just wants Gravik to leave Earth.

Super Skrulls

Gravik suggests the radiation is eating Fury’s brain. Fury gives him the Avengers’ DNA samples. Then Fury collapses, coughing. At the hospital, Ritson takes a gun from a Secret Service agent. Elsewhere, U.S. military forces hand off a “classified document.” At the nuclear plant, Gravik takes the Harvest and tests it, revealing DNA from many of the parties involved in the climactic battle from Avengers: Endgame

At the hospital, Falsworth holds a gun to “Rhodey’s” head and states that he really is a Skrull. She takes his gun. Meanwhile, Gravik boots up the Super Skrull machine (with Fury still in it) and steps in. Soon Gravik has all the powers of all those Avengers (and other superpowered characters). He begins to beat on Fury, but Fury stops his fist. Then Fury’s arm becomes the Hulk’s and he punches Gravik through the wall and into a smoke stack. Fury is revealed to be G’iah.

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At the hospital, the real Fury appears. Fury states that “Rhodey” is the Skrull. At the nuclear plant, the two Skulls “shift arms.” We see Groot arm, Korg arm, and even Drax arm. G’iah uses Ghost powers to avoid a car Gravik throws at her. Gravik has Abomination ears. At the hospital, Fury tells Ritson that “Rhodey” is a Skrull. Fury reveals Skrulls have kidnapped many world officials (and other key players) and are keeping them in pods beneath the Skrull compound. At the nuclear plant, Gravik and G’iah continue to clash. Elsewhere, a U.S. missile prepares to launch. Fury tells Ritson he must not let the Skrulls win. At the nuclear plant, Gravik and G’iah use “Captain Marvel powers” to take their battle into the clouds. G’iah uses Mantis powers to put Gravik to sleep. He falls.

Climactic Battle

G’iah and Gravik continue to battle. Fury tells Ritson if he’s wrong about delaying the nuclear strike, Fury can be sent to prison and Russia can be flattened. At the nuclear plant, Gravik says G’iah is just like her father, and just like “them.” G’iah blasts Gravik through the heart and he dies. At the hospital, “Rhodey” takes Falsworth’s gun. But Fury shoots “Rhodey.” The corpse returns to Skrull form. Ritson asks for a phone and Falsworth hands it to him.

At the nuclear plant, G’iah releases the many humans being kept imprisoned by the Skrulls. They include the broke from episode 1, Doctor Rosa Dalton, the real Colonel James Rhodes, and Everett Ross (Martin Freeman). Ross asks Rhodes how long he’s been held. G’iah helps the human survivors leave the building. 

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In London, Ritson prepares and delivers an address that is internationally broadcast. Ritson speaks about the presence of the Skrulls. He says all off-world-born species are now classified as enemy combatants. He states, “We know who you are. We know how to find you. And we will kill every last one of you.” Elsewhere, Fury arrives at Varra’s house and puts on his wedding ring. Fury apologizes to Varra for not being there. Varra says she can handle herself. She says she knows who she is when Fury isn’t there, but Varra says she knows who she is when he’s not there. Fury asks for one more chance and says he’s leaving that night. Varra says this is goodbye. Fury returns the ring to the vase and says Varra knows where to find him if she needs him.

G’iah and Falsworth

Meanwhile, Falsworth approaches G’iah in an alleyway. Falsworth says she hasn’t come for a fight. She says the Skrulls need a leader. Falsworth says that she’ll give the Skrulls the resources they need to weather the coming pressure from Ritson. G’iah asks if she’s doing it from the kindness of her heart, and says her father made a similar deal. Falsworth says, “Let’s not repeat the mistakes of Talos and Fury and keep love and friendship out of this. I will use you, and you will use me, and together we will make our planet safe for both our people.” Falsworth and G’iah depart together.

Elsewhere, Fury arrives at a dark and empty field. He calls Ritson. Fury says he was relieved Ritson made it out alive “until I saw you make that hateful-ass speech you made.” Meanwhile, Falsworth shows G’iah even more humans who are unconscious and under Skrull captivity. Falsworth says, “This is how the enemy got so good.” Meanwhile, Fury tells Ritson he took a bad situation and made it worse, classifying this as “real one-term President stuff.” 

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As Fury speaks to Ritson footage shows humans shooting “Chris Sterns” (Christopher McDonald) on the set of his show. Another shooting takes place, and a human woman in a leadership position is murdered. Fury states Ritson has alienated the Skrulls who would support them and led to the death of more innocent humans to boot. Another scene shows Shirley Sagar (Seeta Indrani) fighting soldiers. Fury tells Ritson to call off the war. Ritson says that there’s only one way this ends and the “old Fury” would have known that. He tells Fury to get the Skrulls off his planet.

Call her Varra

Fury crosses a dark field towards a beam of light. Varra arrives. She approaches Fury. When Fury calls her “Pricilla,” Varra says she wants to use her birth name. Fury says the Kree are prepared for peace talks. Varra says she never would have expected it. Fury tells Varra he needs her help at the peace summit. Fury says they’re better together.

Varra says her work is on Earth. She returns to Skrull form. Varra tells Fury she loves him. Fury and Varra kiss. Then they both board the ship.

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