Xbox Wire released a story this morning announcing Rare’s pirate simulator Sea of Thieves is making its way to Steam for PC. It was originally released in 2018 for the Xbox One and PC through the Microsoft store. They are hopeful the jump will bring members of the Steam community on board to the adventure. The announcement also shared that it will feature crossplay across all three forms.

Sea of Thieves features both single-player and PVP modes to enjoy. The single-player mode takes players on an adventure against enemy pirate crews as they seek out treasure and secrets. The PVP mode pits players against each other in the Arena to test their skills against other aspiring pirates. Whichever side you choose, they promise hours of pirate fun to enjoy.

There is currently no release date set for Sea of Thieves however the Steam front page is already set up and players can currently add it to their wishlist. Microsft has also announced that the game will release with all current updates available so players can jump right into current content action along with friends already in the game. Check back with us for more upcoming news!

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Julia Roth
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