The Walking Dead returns to San Diego Comic Con with another virtual panel. The first business at hand is the season 11 trailer. And though season 11 will be the final season, this will not be the last TWD SDCC panel. Season 11 will be 24 episodes that should flow through to next year’s SDCC. Let’s hope they get to Hall H one last time.

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The panel consisted of Scott M. Gimple, Angela Kang, Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohan, Melissa McBride, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Khary Peyton, Josh McDermitt, Christian Serratos, Eleanor Matsuura, and new cast member Michael James Shaw. Talking Dead’s Chris Hardwick moderated.

Hardwick conducted the panel as usual. He went around the panel and asked everyone a question. The Walking Dead Season 11 brings in new characters and that means casting news. In addition to Shaw, Laila Robins will play Pamela Milton, leader of the Commonwealth in the comics. And Josh Hamilton will play Lance Hornsby. We already know Margot Bingham will play Stephanie, Eugene’s friend that sparked the journey to West Virginia. And Ritchie Coster will also join the cast, but Kang wouldn’t say who he is playing. Shaw expressed his gratitude to the cast and crew for their warm welcome and fully aware of the responsibility of playing comic favorite Mercer.

Alexandria was decimated by the Whisperers. Team Family is in the middle of rebuilding, but they are short on supplies and food. Season 10C set up some plot points. Carol and Daryl aren’t exactly on the same page. McBride is sure that Carol and Daryl will work things out. And that was given since we know they are getting a spin off show after the series finale. 

Eugene led Ezekiel and Yumiko on a trip to West Virginia. Along the way, they met Princess (Paola Lazaro). And now the four of them are being held captive by Mercer and his generic storm troopers. McDermitt said that we’re going to see Eugene start to question his decision. Even though he trusts Stephanie, he doesn’t trust the people holding them captive. Ezekiel is going through more than being pushed around. He still has cancer. That will take a toll on his health and his mental state. We may see a side of Ezekiel that we haven’t seen before on The Walking Dead

Negan got a chance to show a different side of himself in the 10C finale, “Here’s Negan.” Regardless, he still killed Glenn. And that will always be something that some people can’t get over.  In the trailer, it appears that Negan will try his best to find some common ground with Maggie, but Negan has a long way to go before Maggie will trust him. Look for this storyline to be a focal point of 11A. Cohan stated that Maggie has to be careful how she handles her Negan problem because of her son, Hershel (Kien Michael Spiller). There’s going to be a lot of emotions in that storyline.

Maggie is also trying to protect her people from the Reapers. Kang says the Reapers were skilled killers before the apocalypse. Team Family hasn’t ever faced a foe like the Reapers. And that’s scary. We don’t know much about the Reapers, but from the trailer, it appears they will be the primary villains in the first third of this The Walking Dead season. 

Reedus reflected on Daryl’s journey. He and McBride are the only two original cast members still on the show. He says Daryl has learned a lot from characters who have come and gone. Reedus often wonders what those characters would say about the world that Daryl lives in. He wants good things for Daryl going forward. 

Kang teased the first six episodes by saying how each of the panel members’ performances made her feel. Of course she didn’t give anything major away, but based on her reactions, we’re in for a roller coaster of emotions. 

You can watch The Walking Dead SDCC@Home 2021 on YouTube.

The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, August 22 on AMC.


SDCC 2021: THE WALKING DEAD Season 11 Trailer is About Survival



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