I’ve been back a few days from the Nerd Mecca that is San Diego Comic Con. My internal censors are getting back to normal quicker this year because for the first time ever, I didn’t catch con crud! This year was super fun, as always. I got some great interviews for the next few episodes of Kneel Before Aud. I went to some wild parties, saw amazing cosplay and bought WAY TOO MANY t-shirts. This was also my first year as an SDCC panelist! I was on two wonderful panels that were full of nerdiness and love. 

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I also was privy to so many geek culture conversations. Discussions that ‘outsiders’ wouldn’t be able to decipher. It’s one of my favorite parts of any con  – letting  your geek flag fly. I also love collecting quotes from Comic Cons that would make any nerd chuckle. So engage your Giggle Drive and without any further adieu, here is this year’s Best of Overheard at San Diego Comic Con quotes! Thanks Social Media!

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