The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills. Prime Video got its fantasy on at SDCC 2022 with a panel about The Wheel of Time: Origins. Joining the panel fun was Daniel Henney, who portrays Lan Mandragoran on The Wheel of Time; executive producers Mike Weber and Rafe Judkins (also showrunner) and writer Rammy Park. 

The panel opened with a debut of the final two shorts in the Origins series, featuring Malkier and young Lan. This explains Henney’s appearance as a panelist. 

According to Weber, Prime Video’s X-Ray feature inspired the creation of The Wheel of Time: Origins, originally digital animated shorts complementing the flagship show. While still marketed as a companion series, Origins is now expanding beyond that scope. 

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We don’t know much about the plot. Still, these origin stories of The Wheel of Time take us deeper into this immersive, fantastical world, exploring the vast, intricate history surrounding the series. 

In the brief 40-second teaser, we hear the words, “The rose petal floats on water; the kingfisher flashes above the pond. Life and beauty swirl in the midst of death.” What transpires next is a series of gorgeously animated shots illustrating battles across frozen lands, terrifying beasts, gatherings in large halls and characters gazing on the ruins of a fallen city. 

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Watch the thrilling teaser below, and witness the world of The Wheel of Time reach new heights when The Wheel of Time: Origins bursts onto Prime Video in August 2022. 

What are your theories for this series? Sound off in the comments below!

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