Cue up the Law & Order reruns and microwave that day-old pizza because the cast of Syfy’s Resident Alien invaded SDCC 2022! Moderator Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, Ancient Aliens star and Resident Alien co-executive producer/guest star, oversaw the extraterrestrial proceedings.

So, who joined him, you might ask? None other than stars Alan Tudyk (Harry Vanderspeigle), Sara Tomko (Asta Twelvetrees), Corey Reynolds (Sheriff Mike Thompson), Alice Wetterlund (D’Arcy Bloom), Levi Fiehler (Mayor Ben Hawthorne), Elizabeth Bowen (Deputy Liv Baker), Judah Prehn (Max Hawthorne) and showrunner/executive producer Chris Sheridan.

Besides an out-of-the-world panel, the cast introduced a brand spankin’ new sneak peek of Season 2B that is not, as Harry eloquently puts it, “bullsh*t.” 

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The sneak peek opens right after Asta kills The Galvan/Powell Group employee. D’Arcy discovers her at this juncture, while Harry covers for Asta by telling D’Arcy the dead man shot him. However, before they can adequately explain away the deadly situation, Sheriff Mike approaches the trio, gun brandished. He informs them that he heard two distinctly different gunshots. 

D’Arcy fibs, claiming she shot a raccoon. We see Asta and Harry concealing the dead dude under a pile of leaves, out of sight from the sheriff. Then, Harry states it’s his birthday. He enjoys celebrating it with Asta by partaking in some good old-fashioned owl hunting. Hoot, hoot! 

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Surprisingly, Mike buys the lies, and D’Arcy escorts him back to Harry’s cabin. Mike urges Harry to crack his bathroom window because it “smells like a hump house.” You know, because Ben and Kate had dirty, nasty makeup sex. Bow chicka, wow wow! 

I giggled like a giddy schoolgirl, folks. This teaser increases my excitement for the return of Resident Alien tenfold. Check out the sneak peek below, and brace yourselves for more alien antics when Resident Alien premieres Season 2B on August 10, 2022, only on Syfy

What are your theories for Season 2B? Sound off in the comments! 

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