Yesterday during SDCC 2022, Dan Harmon took to the stage to talk about his upcoming Fox animated series Krapopolis. He was joined by executive producer and showrunner Jordan Young, supervising director Pete Michels and stars Matt Berry, Pam Murphy and Duncan Trussell. They spent some time chatting about the upcoming series and even showed off a two-minute sneak peek.

Krapopolis centers on Tyrannis (voiced by Richard Ayoade), the mortal son of a goddess. He is currently serving as the benevolent King of Krapopolis, one of the world’s first cities in ancient Greece. It’s a hilarious look at how this very flawed family of humans, gods and monsters try to run a city while tackling some of the world’s greatest (and smallest) problems. Ayoade is joined by Hannah Waddingham (Deliria), Berry (Shlub), Murphy (Stupendous) and Trussell (Hippocampus).

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The two-minute clip for Krapoplis is just a tiny taste of what viewers can expect from the series. It centers around Tyrannis trying to figure out how to deal with a Medusa that has been terrorizing his city. Safe to say that the first few things he tries don’t pan out very well. Those ideas include sending someone out to scare her into leaving with sanctions. When that doesn’t work, someone suggests a new piece of technology that burns someone’s eyes out. But finally, someone figures it out. If only the others would realize that still looking into a Medusa’s eyes – dead or not – can still turn you into stone.

The clip is full of laughs from beginning to end, and a nice peek into what Harmon and his team are bringing to the table. Krapopolis is the first fully owned and financed scripted series by Fox Entertainment. It is set to kick off in 2023 with a special preview airing on November 27, 2022. Check out the short clip below. Are you excited to learn more about Harmon’s new series? Let us know in the comments below and on social media.

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