John Wick. That name brings a lot of excitement to any fandom. But the excited intensified when Keanu Reeves crashed Hall H to show San Diego Comic Con the first trailer for the next John Wick chapter. There’s also a poster. Check it out below. 

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We all knew Reeves was at SDCC. He appeared on a panel on Friday to talk about his comic from Boom! Studio called BRZRKR.  He returned later in the night, during the Collider’s Directors on Directing panel because, ‘they’ pushed him out there. John Wick director Chad Stahelski was on that panel, so it’s okay. Together, Reeves and Stahelski presented the first trailer for the fourth chapter, simply titled John Wick.

The trailer begins with Hiroyuki Sanada asking John if he has thought about where this ends. Not even John can kill everyone … or can he? The High Table will never stop, so he may have to. Cue Clancy Brown checking with Charon (Lance Reddick)at the Continental … still managed by Winston (Ian McShane). Throughout the trailer, John fights off several enemies with multiple weapons. There’s also glimpses of Bill Skarsgård, who appears to working for the High Table. A gun and sword battle with Donnie Yen. And finally, the Bowery King, Laurence Fishburne holds a black suit and asks John if he’s ready. Yeah. He is.

John Wick also stars Shamir Anderson, Rina Sawayama, and Scott Adkins The fourth installment of the saga was filmed in Japan, America, Paris, Berlin and Jordan. 

More fights, more dogs, more action. The trailer indicates that John may not the only one fighting the High Table. So maybe there are others ready to rebel?  It looks amazing! Check out the trailer below.


John Wick returns to theaters March 24, 2023.


movie poster for John Wick, chapter 4

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