During SDCC 2022, DC’s panel “Comics Are Fun for Everyone” announced many projects for varying reader age groups. 

Sina Grace, writer and artist, and book colorist Cris Peter announced a YA graphic novel releasing on October 3, 2023. Superman: The Harvests of Youth reacquaints us with a young Clark Kent navigating high school in Smallville. The story takes us on a journey through Clark’s eyes as he deals with the mortality of those around him, teenage isolation and the pressures and fears of growing up. The book features long-time fan favorites such as Lana Lang. It introduces us to new characters as well. 

Another YA graphic novel hits the scene on September 27 by New York Timesbestselling writer Kami Garcia and artist Isaac Goodhart. Constantine: Distorted Illusions is a young Constantine reimagined. The book gives a fresh take on the character but promises the familiarity of defects and weaknesses. The story gives us a glimpse of John as the lead singer of a band in the United States. When the band dabbles in magic, the spell gets out of hand, bringing about consequences John may not be able to handle. 

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In another news round, writer Josh Trujillo provides fans an update on the Blue Beetle: Graduation Day series. The six-issue mini-series will follow Jamie Reyes as he decides what’s best for his future. He wrestles with The Reach, interrupting his graduation and his Scarab. Trujillo spoke about including Starfire, writing mentorships and introducing new locations in the series.

Fans heard a snippet of the audio series Batman: The Audio Adventures written by Dennis McNicholas. The series streams on HBO Max. With another treat, the fans saw the first look at Batman: The Audio Adventures. The comic tie-in series written by McNicholas, with art by Anthony Marques and J. Bone, picks up where the audio series leaves off.

After a string of attacks leaves Gotham’s criminals in a panic, and a group of mystery assailants on the hunt for an artifact strike fear into the city’s heart, Batman must hunt down the assassins. Batman finds clues to their actual goal, the sword of King Scimitar. Issue #1 arrives on September 27.

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So many amazing comics are coming, and they all seem like page-turners to me! Which series tops your TBR list? Sound off in the comments below!

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