We are pretty sure that Keanu Reeves at any convention is by far the best part of that convection. Case in point – Reeves appeared at SDCC yesterday to talk about a lot of things. One notable topic was his partnership with Netflix to bring his comic BRZRKR to the screen. The story was published through Boom! Studios and written by Reeves and Ron Garney. It follows the half-god/half-man simply known as B. and his journey of war through the ages.

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BRZRKR is a gritty tale of B.’s wandering through the ages. He has been cursed and compelled to violence even at the sacrifice of his sanity. After centuries of fighting, the Berzerker has finally found refuge working for the U.S. government, fighting battles too bloody and violent for anyone else. For his time and abilities, B. will be granted the one thing he really wants – answers. He wants the truth about his existence and how to put an end to it. But will he be able to get it? Or will he spend the next few centuries fighting this violent curse?

Netflix will be giving us two adaptations of BRZKRKR because honestly, one just isn’t enough. The first will be a film adaptation with Reeves staring and producing. The second will be a spinoff anime series with Reeves reprising the role of B. During the panel, attendees were given peeks at various pages from the book while Reeves provided some insight. He was then joined on stage by panel moderator Coy Jandreau and fellow panelists Matt Kindt, Garney, Matt Gagnon, Eric Harburn, Mattson Tomlin and Stephen Christy.

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They each took time to share their excitement for the upcoming adaptations and what they love most about the story. Reeves was, of course, excited that his story would be adapted not only to a film but an anime series as well. He shared, “I had this idea of a character who can punch you through the chest and rip your arms off who was cursed with violence [and is] trying to figure out who they are and reclaim their humanity.” If you think that sounds intense, you would be right. But it isn’t just all violence. BRZRKR is filled with complex layers that take the story to the next level.

The BRZRKR comic series is still in development with a run set to go through 2024 and a spinoff story novel written by an unnamed author. They also didn’t share when we will be getting the Netflix adaptations. Hopefully, now that the cat is out of the bag, we will start to get more news on when these will be hitting the streaming service. Are you excited to see Reeves’ story come to life? Let us know in the comments and on social media!

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