The Walking Dead: World Beyond has always known when the ending is coming. And now that we know when season two will premiere, that ending will be soon. But what’s in store for our newest set of survivors? The cast and producers were on hand at SDCC@Home 2021 to discuss what happens next. 

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Quick recap: At the end of The Walking Dead: World Beyond season one, Huck (Annet Mahendru) revealed that she is actually working for the CRM. Her mother is Elizabeth (Julia Ormond), a CRM colonel. And her mission was to find and extract Hope (Alexa Mansour). Hope’s father, Dr. Leo Bennett (Joe Holt) revealed that she took a computer apart and put it back together when she was very young. The powers that be in the CRM think Hope can help get them back online. What they don’t know is that Hope had some help from Iris. 

Iris (Aliyah Royale) is with Felix (Nico Tortorella). They were on their way back to Omaha when they encountered Will (Jelani Alladin), Felix’s boyfriend and Leo’s protector. Will is running from the CRM with many others. It’s as Iris expected. The CRM cannot be trusted. And her father and sister are in danger.

Silas (Hal Cumpston) ran away after everyone thought he killed Percy’s (Ted Sutherland) uncle. Elton (Nicolas Cantu) went after Silas but instead found Percy. Percy revealed that Huck actually killed his uncle and attempted to kill him too. He ran away too, thinking the whole group was out to get him. Percy joined Elton’s search for Silas, but they were almost found by the CRM. Silas sacrificed himself to the CRM to save Percy and Elton. The The Walking Dead: World Beyond group is split up. They have no resources and have just been betrayed by a close friend. Season two is shaping up to be more challenging than season one. 

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Panel

The Walking Dead: World Beyond season one finale

Nico Tortorella as Felix, Aliyah Royale as Iris, Jelani Alladin as Will – The Walking Dead: World Beyond _ Season 1, Episode 10 – Photo Credit: Macall Polay/AMC

The SDCC panel consisted of TWD Universe chief content officer Scott M. Gimple, The Walking Dead: World Beyond showrunner Matt Negrete and the cast. Negrete announced new series regulars added to the cast. They are Holt, Sutherland, and Natalie Gold who played Lyla, Dr. Bennett’s colleague and love interest. 

There weren’t any major reveals, because it’s The Walking Dead. But the cast did say that their characters are entering new territory. Considering that these characters grew up in a very sheltered community, the whole series is new territory for them. But now that they are split up, the characters will go through many emotions this next season. 

This season, The Walking Dead: World Beyond will explore the relationship between Huck, aka Jennifer and her mother Elizabeth, and Will and Felix. Iris, Hope and Silas are alone. This may be a good thing for Silas, but Hope and Iris have always had each other. So it will be interesting how they navigate through the CRM alone. Elton is going to grow up a lot to save his friends and may have to make some difficult and dark choices. 

The CRM is still very much a mystery. We know they are powerful and disciplined when it comes to security. As a fan, I am most interested to find out more about their purpose, their research and why they aren’t trying to save all of the survivors. Gimple made it a point to say that Rick Grimes will not be a part of The Walking Dead: World Beyond season two.  So there’s that. 

Regardless, The Walking Dead: World Beyond will end this season. It was always billed as a two season limited series. So there will be some closure, but I’m expecting more questions. Gimple says the three shows tie into each other. TWD: World Beyond is just a couple of years behind TWD on the timeline, so what happens in season two won’t directly affect season 11 of The Walking Dead. But I’m hoping it leads us into the Rick Grimes movies. 

There is a clip. In the clip, Iris and Felix get some bad news from Will. You can also find this clip on the show’s Twitter page. Watch the clip below. 

The Walking Dead: World Beyond season two will premiere on Sunday, October 3

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