I’ll admit that as a child, I was terrified of R.L. Stine‘s novels and I swore as an adult I wouldn’t let his work scare me. That was until Netflix and he went and created the horror trilogy Fear Street. I can’t tell you how good it felt to be so scared! During SDCC 2021, the director, cast and Stine discussed behind-the-scenes treats and the best on-screen kills within the trilogy.

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Terri Schwartz hosted the Fear Street panel that included director Leigh Janiak, Kiana Madeira (Deena), Olivia Scott Welch (Samantha), Benjamin Flores Jr. (Josh) and Stine. Janiak and Stine opened up the chat by discussing how the format of the format for the films worked so well. They released back to back, giving fans just enough time in between to catch their breath.

Now no spoilers here for Free Street, of course, but the participants did spend quite a bit of time going over their favorite deaths along with clips from the film. It’s no surprise that a few of them were chosen, but I really love how Janiak took things to the extreme. We even got to hear Stine’s favorite kill, and …  well, wow! Personally, I think that was what I loved most about the films. It truly brings on the fear we know and love.

If you haven’t seen the Fear Street films, I highly suggest going to check them out first before checking the panel out. If you’ve already seen it, then be sure to check out the panel for yourself! All of the behind-the-scenes and blooper reel is a must-watch. All three Fear Street films are availble to enjoy now on Netflix. I recommend a good blanket and some popcorn!

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